Cleaning Supplies Names, Cleaning Products Names

Cleaning Supplies Names, Cleaning Products Names


Cleaning Supplies

When you learn a language, your main goal should be to start using it freely and confidently in daily life. For this, you should learn not only formal themed words and their uses but also the meanings of simple objects that you will need in everyday life. You can develop yourself very quickly in this regard, especially if you pay attention to what each word is used for cleaning while you are watching series. In this content, we will talk about the usage patterns and names of the objects evaluated in the category of cleaning supplies. Let’s start if you want.

Cleaning bucket

I placed all the materials I purchased today in the cleaning bucket.

Generally, they are large buckets with one separator and two sections. You need to put your cleaning materials in these buckets. In this way, you can work more regularly.


Disinfectant cleaner

When cleaning the bathroom, you should use Disinfectant cleaner variants instead of ordinary products.

Generally, they are cleaners that contain harsher chemicals than other materials and help eliminate microbes. It is often used in the bathroom.

Glass cleaner

The house has a very beautiful and bright facade, but if you clean the windows with a glass cleaner, you will be able to catch a better aura.

This product is a kind of cleaning material that has been specially designed to remove the roughness and stains on the glass.

Soap scum remover

Would you buy me a box of soap scum remover from the market?

Soap scum remover is a cleaning material that can be used for cleaning on different surfaces and allows the spots to be dissolved quickly thanks to the active ingredients. This product does not contain very heavy chemicals.

Chemical trigger sprayers

The only way to get rid of burnt oil stains in the oven when cleaning the kitchen seems to be using chemical trigger sprayers.

Chemical trigger sprayers are a cleaning material that usually contains chemicals and thus enables extremely difficult and dried spots to dissolve. Thanks to this material, individuals are very comfortable especially when cleaning the kitchen and tile.



If you want to stain small and thin sections, you can do this with toothbrushes that are obsolete and not used.

Although it is known as a personal care material, toothbrushes can actually become a cleaning material as well. As seen in the example sentence, you can use these materials to clean simple areas and reach narrow points.

Vacuum cleaner for carpets

When I move carpets when we go summer, I clean them with a vacuum cleaner for carpets.

This product is an electrically operated product that attracts dust, bacteria, and dirt, placed in the carpet with the help of a vacuum. In this way, the carpet becomes completely clean.

Microfiber mop

I usually use microfiber mop varieties that provide extra cleaning and leave no traces, instead of using an ordinary cloth when wiping the windows.

As can be understood from the example sentence, microfiber mop is a material that helps you wipe a surface without leaving traces and with easy movements.

Laundry bags to carry clean and dirty rags

Because there is no washing machine in my house, I take my items from one place to another using product such as laundry bags to carry clean and dirty rags.

Bags made of cloth, which you usually separate and place your dirty and clean laundries from each other, are called laundry bags to carry clean and dirty rags.

Microfiber dust mitt

I usually use microfiber dust mitt when cleaning because my hands are sensitive.

Microfiber dust mitt types are antibacterial products that prevent dust and chemicals that are harmful to the skin from coming into contact with you and are often preferred.


Ph neutral floor cleaner

While cleaning the house, one needs to be careful about our health, so I use a ph neutral floor cleaner.

Ph-compatible cleaning materials that do not contain very high chemicals and harm the skin are called Ph neutral floor cleaner.

Powder Bon-Ami

Using powder bon-ami while cleaning the bathroom makes my job much easier.

Powder bon-ami products, which are generally used when cleaning the bathroom or different spots with a tile surface, have a faster and easier stain removal feature.

Knee pads

I will wipe the floor tonight, can you buy knee pads on my way?

Usually, when you need to wipe the floor of the house with your hands, your knees become irritated to the floor and over time. Also, your clothes will be irritated. To prevent this situation, you can use knee pads.

By using different cleaning material names in daily life, you can have a much richer English and improve yourself. In this way, you will feel more confident.


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