Family Members Vocabulary, Family Members Names in English

Family Members Vocabulary, Family Members Names in English


The family is the smallest known social unit. The family is based on marriage and blood ties. It is one of the most basic social institutions formed by the relations between husband and wife, children and siblings. The family can be either large or small, that is, it can be crowded or less members. Families with few members are called nuclear families, this family structure consists of mother, father and children who depend on them.

The extended family is a social community with close relatives who have blood ties such as mothers, fathers, children attached to them, grandparents, uncles, aunts. The extended family living under the same roof is also called the united family. Family is a unit that is accepted as the most important in our society and known as the basic building block of the society. The stronger a family structure is, the stronger it is in society because; basic development of individuals, psychosocial development, basic learning skills develop in the family.

People have been living in this small community as a family since prehistoric times. The concept of this family has not changed over time, only family members and their duties may sometimes differ. There may be variability in the family concepts of all people living in the world. But it is a community that generally develops as large or small families. The most basic family members are given below with sample sentences:

Father: My father is the strongest man I know in my life, he is my hero.

Mother: When I went abroad to study, I missed my mother’s good food.

Son: The son of the man sitting on our upper floor is going back to our city today.

Daughter: My friend has two daughters and he wants one son too.

Brother: My brother usually gets mad at me but I know he loves me very much.

Sister: I was very angry with her today because my sister wore my clothes without permission.

Husband: My best friend is getting divorced today, I think she cheated on her husband.

Wife: Our lower neighbor came again this evening with a bunch of roses in her hand, and the whole apartment knows how much she loves his wife.

Grandfather: My grandfather is going to the village today because he had a lot of work to do.

Grandmother: My grandmother gives me a lot of pocket money every time I come, I love it very much.

Uncle: My uncle is going abroad today and we will all miss him a lot.

Aunt: My aunt is more of a young woman.

Here are family members vocabulary list;

  • mother
  • mom
  • father
  • mother-in-law
  • father-in-law
  • partner
  • dad
  • parent
  • children
  • uncle
  • niece
  • nephew
  • grandson
  • granddaughter
  • grandchild
  • sister-in-law
  • brother-in-law
  • stepmother
  • stepfather
  • aunt
  • cousin
  • husband
  • wife
  • ex
  • son
  • daughter
  • sister
  • brother
  • grandmother
  • grandfather
  • grandparent