Family Relationship Names in English Pdf

Family Relationship Names in English Pdf

Family Relationship Names in English Pdf

The family can be described as the smallest social unit in life. The family is divided into two as nuclear and extended families. The nuclear family consists of fewer family members, consisting of mothers, fathers and children. In the extended family; it includes more family members such as parents, grandparents and children. In many societies and cultures, marriage is the basis of the family. Marriages form the family and include relationships based on blood ties between mother, father and children.

Here are Family Relationship Names in English Pdf

From past to present, the concept of family has not changed, but there have been some changes in the duties of family members. Family is of great importance in society because the foundations of an individual are laid in that family. Basic needs of children such as nutrition, care and love are met within the family. The development of children’s personalities also takes place within the family. Family is universal and emotional, while family members have their own responsibilities.

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Family members bring new individuals to the world in order to survive and sustain their lives. The concepts that make up a family and the relationship in the research of family members are given below with sample sentences:

Father: My father will remain my biggest hero because I have never met any other hero.

Mother: My mother did not prefer to talk to me yesterday because I was very upset with my mother yesterday, so I bought her a nice little gift to forgive myself today, I hope she will forgive me.

Son: We are very excited that my son started school today, this morning the family took him to school and he was very happy with it.

Daughter: When I have my daughter one day, I will treat her as my mother treated me, I will be a good mother just like my mother.

Child: My children have proved that they are very smart together with the university exam they won today, we are all proud and they are looking forward to become doctors.

Husband: My husband was working as a manager in a large company, but now that we wanted to live a more minimalist life, he left his job and decided to settle in a small village with our children.

Wife: We took our two children together with my wife and went on a trip to America, we were very happy to have the long-awaited vacation, we are sure that we will have a great week.

Brother: I have a 1 year age gap between me and my brother but it looks smaller than me because everyone thinks it is my little brother, we both laugh at this situation.

Sister: My sister forgot to take her homework to school today, so her teacher gave her a quiz grade, so she cried ceaselessly from morning to evening we are very sorry for her.

Grandfather: We visited my grandfather at his little cute farm in the village last summer but this summer we cannot go to that peaceful farm because my father has a lot of work in the company.

Grandmother: Since my grandmother died two years ago, there is no one we can visit in our small village anymore because my grandfather died 5 years ago, so we no longer have anybody in our village.

Grandson: We went to the game with my grandson yesterday but it was so crowded that we had to leave the game early so that the little boy was not crushed, we came home and decided to go back another time.

Granddaughter: My granddaughter came to visit me today, wearing her pink dress because today my feast, my children and relatives visited me and I offered them candy.

Uncle: My uncle works as a rights relations officer in a large company and I am confident that he gave a lot of useful information to the participants while speaking at a seminar he attended yesterday.

Aunt: My aunt is a very different woman but she is one of the very strong women who have never married and do her own work so far, so she is a woman who is appreciated by everyone.

Nephew: My nephew and my children always got along very well but today I saw them fighting, I think they couldn’t share their toys but they were very good and cheerful again soon.

Niece: My niece was born today and we set out to see her immediately, after three hours of travel, we reached the hospital and got our baby with a pink cheek and red lips.

Cousin: It is always said that it is very well understood with cousins, but in our family the situation is somewhat different, I have two cousins and we have been fighting with them since childhood, we cannot get along well, I hope we can get along better when we grow up.

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