Formal vs Informal Words List

English Formal vs Informal Words List


Formal vs Informal Words List

Formal Informal
Reside Live
Entire Whole
Explode Blow up
Gratitude Thanks
Inferior Worse
Preserve Keep
Indistinct Dim
Demise Death
Occupation Job
Father Dad
Futile Hopeless
Visit Call on
Complete Whole
Liberate Free
Obtain Get
Permit Let
Nevertheless Anyway
In my opinion I think
Acceptable All right
Tolerate Put up

(For Detailed Formal and Informal Vocabulary List)

Formal Informal
Request Ask for
Investigate Look into
Consult Refer to
Famished Hungry
However But
Incorrect Wrong
Insane Mad
Allow Let
Avid Eager
Challenge Dare
Damage Hurt
Demonstrate Show
Evade Avoid
ill Sick
Quit Give up
Vacant Empty
Repair Mend
Notion Idea
Observe See
Require Need