List of Emotions for Kids, Emotions Word List

English List of Emotions for Kids, Emotions Word List


List of Emotions for Kids

Emotions can be defined as the feelings that occur in us in the face of events and situations that affect us in our lives. Emotion has no definition accepted by everyone, there are many definitions on emotion because it covers a very broad subject. Any living or inanimate being can affect us and cause a change in our emotions. Every person can enter many emotions throughout his/her life. Emotions can affect individuals’ mental health. In addition, emotions can stimulate people’s inner worlds.

Here are 27 Emotions List in English.

We can wake up very joyfully on the morning of a happy day. And all our days can be happy and peaceful. We may have a bad event and be sad in the day we started happily. We can get bored while sitting in a very pleasant environment. Or at a moment when we are very angry, when we encounter something that is good for us, we can calm down immediately. This is how our feelings can change immediately.

On the other hand, our emotions; it can be counted as a part of our culture, education, in our country. The situation is the same for children. We can even say that the emotional changes of children are more variable. Most of the time we know the children as cheerful, but when they encounter something, they immediately cry. Older individuals are better at hiding their emotions, but we cannot say the same for children.

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We can immediately notice the feelings of children, they do not need to hide their feelings. There are many emotions felt. A few of them are given below with sample sentences:

Amused: We are very pleased to be here with you.

Bored: We went to the cinema with my father today, but we got a little bored because the movie was so bad, so we immediately came home.

Anxious: Since I could not wake up this morning, I could not reach the exam, I am quite worried that I will be leaving this course because I may not be able to graduate.

Confident: The confident attitude of these children makes me very happy, I am proud of them.

Cold: You look like you’re so cold, your face is red and you’re shaking, can I find out where it came from?


Suspicious: The computer of our neighbor on the 2nd floor was stolen, we are all suspicious, I hope the thief will be found as soon as possible.

Surprised: We took a child who hadn’t been to the amusement park today and when he saw it, he was very surprised because he saw a lot of light toys together for the first time.

Loving: This loving couple, who married 10 years ago, today live very happily and peacefully with their two children.

Curious: New generation kids are so curious that sometimes I have trouble answering their questions.

Jealous: Little children didn’t want to share their toys with each other because they were jealous.

Angry: I can’t understand why she is so angry this morning, you can try to be a little calmer.

Withdrawn: Withdrawn children have attracted my attention because there is a huge world in which they live.

Crazy: You had fun in the sea today, at least as crazy as a child!

Depressed: When I saw you yesterday you seemed depressed, I hope you are better today.

Lonely: I do not understand why you are feeling lonely, but we are always with you, you should know that.

Tired: We played football with my friends at school from yesterday to evening, I could not go to school today because I was so tired.