List of English Words With Meaning and Sentences

List of English Words With Meaning and Sentences


60 new words with meaning, English New Words and Examples

Mark: Symptom, sign.

Design: Decorating a certain group of items, objects or subjects according to a certain order.

Hard: Not easy, troublesome.

Apple: It is a kind of fruit that grows in the tree with red, green and yellow colors.

Poem: The way emotions and thoughts Express witout being in the form of prose.


Square: A geometric shape whose four sides are equal.

Matter: What is being talked about.

Detail: To consider the details of a whole.

Hat: A kind of head-mounted accessory.

Ask: To direct those who are curious about a subject.

Poor: Not rich.


Determine: To determine the specific features of a concept by explaining.

Mean: Explanations of concepts.

Baby: The name given to individuals aged 0-3 years.

Heart: The organ located in the thoracic cavity between the two lungs.

Develop: A situation getting better.

Possible: Possinle situation, not impossible.

Bad: Not good results and conditions.

Measure: Unit used to evaluate a quantity.

Dictionary: A book containing words and their meanings.

Heat: The temperature of something high.

Stop: Ending the movement of an individual and thing in motion.

Ball: A round- shaped instrument for playing various games.

Difference: With a distinction between them.

Beautiful: Perceived as pleasant in appearance.

Meet: To introduce themselves in the first meeting of two people.

Heavy: Means its weight is more than normal.

Difficult: Means not easy, made with trouble and difficulty.

Because: Used when describing the cause of an event or situation.

Help: Not being able to do one job alone and ask for support from someone else.

Member: Means joining a group or a team.

Prepare: To make use of something, to be used, to be applied.

Direction: Line followed by a person or object.

Bed: Articles used for sleeping.

Discover: It refers to things that are not learned about their existence, but which are learned later.

High: Which is the distance between the top and bottom.

President: Being at the head of a community, organization or group means managing.

Method: Procedure, way.

Student: The name given to people who g oto school anda re trained by teachers.

Before: First.

Distance: There is a certain distance between the two things.

History: Telling about the events that took place in the past by giving the date and place.

Begin: To take the first step for a job or an action.

Middle: The place that is equidistant between the two ends of something.

Home: The structure in which people live.

Doctor: Profession for treating people who are sick.

Problem: Trouble, issue.

Behind: Means not ahead.

Hope: It means hoping for a job.

Door: Is the item at the entrance of a building, room or house.