Musical Instruments Names, Definition and Pictures

Musical Instruments Names, Definition and Pictures

Musical Instruments Names, Definition and Pictures


The violin, probably the most well known orchestral instrument, is a stringed instrument played with a bow. The violin consists of a few main parts. It is tuned by means of the key and different sounds and tones can be obtained by pressing the hand on the curtains.


  • You know he’s a very good pianist, and me with the violin.



Cello, also known as cello, is a string instrument that is a member of the violin family.  It is played with a bow similar to the violin.  Although in the form of violin is larger.


  • You’re probably the only one around here who knows how to play the cello.


Stringed Bass (Double Bass)

This instrument is known as double bass (stringed bass or bass violin or double bass)


  • Where can I buy stringed bass around here?



Piccolo is a type of side flute set to be 1 octave above normal flute.  It is the instrument that reaches the most high-pitched sounds in today’s orchestra with a sound width close to 3 octaves.


  • He used a piccolo because his fingers could press all of the keys.


Clarinet, a member of the family of woodwind instruments, consists of a long tube with a mouthpiece on one end and a bell-shaped end.


  • They played clarinet in a town orchestra whose instruments were donated.



The structure has a monolingual mouthpiece of the clarinet, a metal body and a conical part of the oboe.


  • Saxophone is one of the wind instruments.



Flute is a musical instrument with many kinds of instruments. It is a wind instrument consisting of three parts: head, mouthpiece and tail.


  • He forgot his flute at home.



The piano is a key instrument.  Keyboard instrument that sounds sound by striking the wires thanks to its complex hammer mechanism when the keys are pressed.


  • My piano class has been canceled tonight.



Although the harpsichord is an instrument known as the ancestor of the piano, the only similar feature of the piano is that the two instruments have keyboard instruments.


  • At the end of the century when the piano began to displace the harpsichord.



It is a small flute with a flat mouth used in Eastern Anatolia.


  • My mother bought me the vege.



The guitar is an old instrument. The history of the guitar can be traced back to 4000 years.


  • I learned to play the guitar at a young age.


Originating from the musical instruments of African and Asian societies, the accordion was originally designed in Austria in the nineteenth century.


  • In the last 20 years, accordion players have begun to play it faster.



The historical development of the reed which left its mark on the musical works produced by the society has been due to a long transformation of kopuz.


  • One teenager checks the reed and practises phrasing.



The front faces of the darbukas, which are generally known to have a silver-colored body and a perforated structure at the back, are produced from a glass-plastic mixture.


  • She plays the darbuka too.



Melodicas, with the help of a hose as if trying to play the flute after blowing air with the energy of this air can be used by pressing the piano keys.


  • Her teacher was very angry that she did not receive melodica.



In general, the structure is similar to stringed instruments such as banjo and oud, but always has a unique design.


  • By playing Revel, he came to this age and made money.



It is a percussion instrument which is generally used in Sufi music and designed to hold rhythm in cem, rituals and mentioned places.


  • Playing bender is not easy at all.



Drums is a group of instruments consisting of drums and other percussion instruments, especially the cymbal. It serves to keep the rhythm in songs.


  • He was forbidden to play drums at the wedding.


Snare drum

A snare drum is a percussion instrument that produces a sharp stracato sound when struck by a series of hard wires held under pressure and by a drum rod.



Timpani is a drum-like percussion instrument usually used in orchestras. Different sounds are obtained by compressing and loosening the skin stretched to the body of the tympanum.


  • You never told me played timpani.