Shoe Names in English Names of Shoes and Example Sentences

Shoe Names in English Names of Shoes and Example Sentences


Shoe Names

Shoes are accessories that are highly valued by both men and women. In order to be able to examine different products while shopping and also to expand your English vocabulary, it may be useful to learn shoe names. Different shoe names often represent different fashion trends or are used as professional tools. If you want to see the shoe names in a list, you can immediately review the content we have prepared below. If you want to use the English language in a wider frame and feel freer while using this language, it will be great for you to know different names in different categories of objects! Here is our list that we think can be extremely useful to you!

Shoe Names and Examples

Here are the most used shoe names in English and example sentences with these words:

Adidas Kampung

When I create a sports look and choose my clothes accordingly, I prefer cool shoe models like Adidas Kampung. In this way, I have completed my appearance perfectly.

Ballet shoe

Especially accessories such as Ballet shoe reinforces an extremely elegant and aesthetic appearance. Moreover, it is known that such shoes provide extra comfort while doing ballet.

Pointe shoe

These shoes, which are used by ballerinas and produced from a special fabric, are the favorite appearance of women who are specially trained in ballet!


Bast shoe

Those who want to achieve a traditional and ethnic appearance prefer an accessory called Bast shoe, especially in the festivals held in the summer. These accessories are made from a cloth that looks like straw.

Blucher shoe

Blucher shoe models, which are preferred by men and create a stylish and classy look, are very aesthetic. The reason why these models are so popular is that they are in harmony with business life.

Boat shoes

Shoes that are frequently used by men who have adopted the smart casual style are called Boat shoes. These shoe models are extremely stylish but also sporty.

Brogan (shoes)

If you are looking for a men’s shoe model that can be used both in business life and to warm you with its thick structure on cold winter days, you can also choose Brogan (shoes) with peace of mind.

Brogue shoe

Many Brogue shoe models, which are generally produced in brown, are preferred by people who like vintage and masculine appearance in shoes.

Brothel creeper

Young men who want to have a cool and smart urban look often prefer Brothel creeper shoe models colored with fabric details. These shoes are usually high heels.



If you are looking for a shoe model made of nubuck leather, you can choose Bucks models, but when these models are stained, it can be very difficult to remove the stains.

Cantabrian albarcas

Inspired by the styles of the Spanish natives, Cantabrian albarcas shoes have several different heels on the sole and are therefore not very comfortable.

Chelsea boot

Those who like an elegant and plain look, who want to choose monochrome and quality boots models, often buy Chelsea boots.


Avant-garde shoe models that are used by women and have high heels look are called Chopine. These shoe models were used especially in the 15th century.

Chukka boot

It is possible to say that men are looking for a shoe alternative like Chukka boot to wear under both sports trousers and the other sports clothes such as Capri.

Climbing shoe

As someone who loves to participate in sporting events, I bought Climbing shoes and joined the mountaineering club at my school.


With its colorful images and slightly hard structures, Clog shoes are also used by hanging on the walls in homes for decoration purposes.

Court shoe

Shiny women’s shoes with feminine and patent leather details with a pointed heel are called Court shoes. Many women prefer these shoes.

Cross country running shoe

Cross country running shoe types designed for you to run for a very long distance allow your feet to step more strongly on the floor thanks to their comfortable structure.

Derby shoe

Derby shoe varieties with open laces are preferred by people who do not like Oxford shoe models.

Desert Boot

I really like Desert Boot varieties, which are usually produced with a thick fabric, but it is not possible to use these shoes in summer.

Diabetic shoe

I am also very curious about Diabetic shoe models designed to provide diabetics with a higher life comfort in daily life.

Dress shoe

I really love dress shoes, which are worn under stylish clothes, especially for special occasions, and I also take care to choose models with shiny leather in these shoes.


I prefer to wear slippers called Geta when I want to be comfortable.