Descriptive Adjectives, Definition and Examples

English Descriptive Adjectives, Definition and Example Sentences;


Descriptive Adjectives, Definition and Examples

Descriptive Adjectives

Descriptive adjectives always precede a name and characterize the name they precede. They are also always used after the verb ‘to be’.

The name can be preceded by more than one descriptive adjective. If more than two adjectives are used, the ‘and’ link is written between the last two adjectives. There are rules in which order more than one adjective is written before a name, but in some exceptional cases these rules can be omitted. The general ranking is as follows:

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives, Example Sentences

General meaning + Size, smallness + age, oldness, Innovation + Color + Where it belongs + What it is made of


If we want to qualify a group, we should use the ‘the + adjective’ structure. For example; the aged, the young, the dead, etc.

Descriptive adjectives, what kind ?, which one ?, how many? answer questions such as.

Descriptive adjective + Noun

Because some verbs lack meaning, they cannot fully specify the subject’s work. The missing part is complemented by adjectives indicating the nature, condition or occurrence of the subject. These verbs are called LINK VERBS. As an example of these verbs; be, get, smell, sound, feel, appear, become, remain, turn, taste, look, seem.

  • The father looks angry.
  • The parfume smell nice.
  • The soup tastes sweet.

Some of descriptive adjectives;

Large: big, colossal, enormous, significant, massive


Small: little, minute, tiny, wee, petite

Happy: content, glad, pleased, blissful, joyful

Sad: gloomy, dejected, blue, unhappy, hearthbroken

Good: great, superior, fantastic, excellent, amazing

Bad: awful, terrible, horrible, horrific, shameful

Said: yelled, called, asked, replied, stated, told

Scary: haunting, creppy, eerie, ghostly, unnerving

Funny: comical, witty, gleeful, laughable, amusing


Descriptive Adjectives Example Sentences;

  • There are green, red and pink skirts in my closet.
  • Ancient, precious coins are exhibited in this museum.
  • I asked my father for a small, solid laptop in red.
  • I bought a new and expensive car but it was very comfortable.
  • They ate some delicious food.
  • Mary is a hard-working person.