20 Wild Animals Name, 20 Different Animals and Example Sentences

20 Wild Animals Name, 20 Different Animals and Example Sentences


20 Wild Animals Name

If you want to be able to use the English language freely in everyday life, it may be good to learn little known words in different areas. Because the better your vocabulary about a language, the stronger your ability to use that language in everyday life will be. In this context, let’s examine sample words and sentences formed with these words. Wild animals are known as animals that are found only in the wild and not seen much.

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20 Different Animals and Example Sentences

When using wild animal names in sentences, it is really important to use them with correct auxiliary verbs. In order to use these words freely in the sentence, it may be useful to add other concepts used with these sentences to your vocabulary. For example, you should have information such as words related to wildlife, names of other animals, characteristics of areas where animals live. In this way, you can organize your speech much easier while giving a presentation in this field or making a speech in this field.

1. Penguin

I love animated movies made up of penguins. Explanation: Penguins are animals that are found especially in polar regions and are known for their short lengths and wading walks. Penguins are also seen as one of the animal species that have been in danger of extinction recently.


2. Albatross

The name of the animal on the cover of this book is albatross. Albatross is an extremely wild but determined wild bird. Authors who want to use symbols that are themed to realize freedoms and dreams often used Albatros in their novels.

3. Rhinoceros

One of the strong proofs of the theory of evolution is shown as Rhinoceros. Rhinoceros is an animal that has existed for many years and has horns.

4. Ostrich

I bought Ostrich patterned ethnic blankets. Ostrich is a wild animal with a very long neck.


5. Hippopotamus

Hippopotamus is a frequently used figure, especially in cartoons. Hippopotamus is an aquatic animal that draws attention with its huge mouth. In addition, other wild animal varieties can often be seen in areas where the hippopotamuses live. These animals are often used especially in cartoons or animations.

6. Raccoon

Raccoon is one of the cutest animals in my opinion. Raccoon is a wild animal variety that contains black, white and gray colors in its fur.

7. Moose

Moose is a figure that is often preferred by people who want to get a tattoo. Moose is an animal that has horns and is also known as a deer variety.

8. Tiger

I bought a Tiger mask, now we can play much more fun games with my child. Tiger is an orange and yellow wild animal known for its fast running ability.

9. Leopard

I really like leopards with a slightly mottled fur structure. Leopards are considered ancestors of the feline family. Since these animals are especially mammals, they pay extra attention to the concept of family and are extra careful about protecting their families from external factors. Animals like deer are hunted by leopards.

10. Chita

Running like Chita is one of my biggest goals in this sport. Cheetahs are animals that can run extremely quickly to catch their prey.

11. Python

We went to the forest the other day and I was really scared to see Python. Python is a highly venomous snake variety and has a long structure.

12. Anaconda

I saw a snake in the village the other day and thought it was Anaconda. Anaconda, generally known for its green color, is a poisonous snake.

13. Hyna

I watched a documentary the other day and was telling the Hyna’s. Hyna, a Mexican-American animal, is considered in the category of wild animals.

14. Walrus

Thanks to the documentary series we watched the other day, I got to know Walrus. Walrus, which lives in the sea and is often seen in cold regions, has impressive teeth.

15. Panda

Our teacher gave us a detailed presentation about the extinction of pandas. Pandas are small animals known for their black and white colors.

16. Octopus

I’m really afraid of sea animals, especially Octopus makes me nervous. Octopus, with six arms and legs, can be of different sizes.

17. Tortoise

I want to feed a pet recently and I decided on Tortoise. Tortoise is known as an extremely slow-motion wild animal.

18. Meerkat

I often compare Meerkats to mice. Meerkat are small-sized animals evaluated in the class of mammals.

19. Kangaroo

There are many documentaries about the way kangaroos take care of their offspring today. Kangaroos carry and feed their babies in the sac in front of their bodies.

20. Platypus

Platypus has a very long beak. Platypus is known as a 39-60 cm tall wild animal.