Farm Animals Names, Definition and Examples

Farm Animals Names, Definition and Examples

Farm Animals Names, Definition and Examples

Farm Animals

Farm animals are animals that feed in an environment. Livestock breeding can also be carried out to generate income, for example, from the milk of animals such as cows, goats, sheep; Hens ‘eggs and bees’ honey can benefit in this way. Such animals are mostly raised on the same farm. Some animals are raised on farms to produce products such as food and fiber.

Animals Names List from A to Z

Animal species are in some groups, for example; farm animals, wild animals, mammals, wild animals, reptiles etc. Some farm animals are given below with sample sentences:


We can use both the milk and the meat of cows. My grandmother has 10 cows in her village.


My family elders always tell me that I have faith like a goat.



There are many types of sheep, but my favorite is merino sheep. I also love yoghurt made from sheep’s milk.



This summer, when we went to my grandparents’ house on vacation, we fed the newborn lambs with milk.



Horses are noble animals that interest me the most. My family gifted me a horse on my birthday this year because I love horses.



She insulted me by calling it a donkey, whereas donkeys are very sweet animals.



In this lesson, we learned that camels live in very hot countries and are the animals that are most resistant to thirst.



When I was little, I went to the coop in the village every morning and collected the chicken eggs with great joy. Then my grandmother would cook those eggs for me and I would eat with pleasure.


It is a tradition to cook turkey every year.



Rabbits like white cotton run and play in the countryside.



Our chickens brood this morning and had little chicks.



Ducks are swimming in the creek saying “Vak Vak”.