Wildlife Animals Names and Example Sentences

Wildlife Animals Names and Example Sentences

Unknown Lives: Wildlife Animals

What we humans ignore is that life continues in places where we do not live. There are animals and other creatures that survive in grasslands, mountains, deserts, rainforests, and more places. We call this life, where human hands cannot reach too far, wildlife. There is also an ecosystem of living things here. The difficulty of the living conditions of animals in the wild can be guessed.

The war for survival, with which we are familiar with the first known humans in history, exists in wildlife animals. Hundreds of animals and creatures live in this order, where the strong eat the weak. We can say that there are different wildlife animals in different places. It is possible to see such animals very far from the habitats of humans and very close to them.

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About Wildlife Animals

Wildlife animals, which we distinguish as carnivores and herbivores in the most general terms, have unusual characteristics and lives. These animals living in their habitats can find and hunt prey at any time, or they can become prey. For this reason, tough conditions await the wildlife animals that continue their lives with the livability of such a situation at any time.

Land animals that we can show as examples of wildlife animals; lion, cheetah, wolf, deer, gazelle, lizard, frog, spider. Of course, it’s not just that. Perhaps there are many land animals that we do not know yet. Examples such as eagles and vultures, which are animals that can fly, are also part of this wildlife. It is possible to know many more creatures in the wildlife order where the strong eats the weak. The reason why humans cannot get close to these animals is that wild animals cannot be tamed. These free-living animals have not been domesticated for years. Moreover, getting together with people does not create any pleasant results.

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Humans and Wildlife Animals

Some wildlife animals contain poison, which we can call a defense and hunting mechanism. This poison, which can kill a person in seconds, is an example of how dangerous wildlife is to humans. The second situation that can be said is the potential of carnivorous animals to see humans as prey. For this reason, wild animals and humans cannot live together.

Here we are not just talking about the harm of animals to humans. Some people enter wildlife and kill their host animals for fun and their fur. Although we cannot live together, wildlife animals that occupy a huge place in nature’s wonderful ecosystem are too important to ignore.

Some Wild Animal Varieties


Mammals are generally warm-blooded animals with fur. They can adjust their body temperature according to the weather. They generally provide reproduction by giving birth. The largest living mammal species is the blue whale. And the smallest living mammal is the wasp.


Not all birds that we know as having two legs and two wings can fly. Some birds cannot fly, such as penguins. On the contrary, penguins know how to swim. Birds breed by laying eggs. Against other wildlife animals, birds can build a home for themselves and use and evaluate the parts they find. While the biggest bird is the ostrich, the smallest bird is the hummingbird.


Reptiles, unlike other known animals, are cold-blooded. They have hard and crusted skin. They reproduce by laying eggs. The largest known reptile is the python snake, while the smallest reptile is the leaf chameleon.


Animals living both on land and in water are called amphibians. It is possible to show frogs, salamanders, caecilians as examples. It is one of the rapidly extinct wild animals. The largest amphibian is known as the giant salamander. The smallest amphibian is a frog in New Guinea.


This is the part that makes up the largest part of life in the wild and almost in the world. Their body consists of 3 parts; head, chest, and abdomen. It has antennae and an exoskeleton next to its legs.  Insects could smell and hear sounds with their exoskeleton. These arthropods are known for more than a million species. Most insects can walk, fly, and swim at the same time. The Goliath beetle is in the largest insect category. The smallest arthropods are fairy flies.