Classroom Games For Teaching English, Esl Classroom Games

Classroom Games For Teaching English

Classroom Games For Teaching English

Classroom Games For Teaching English

If you have taught English at some point in time or in your life, you have certainly seen the exhaustion or exhaustion of students. Maybe they just didn’t get interested, the heads were shifted, or they were tired of working.

If you ask our opinion, in such cases, definitely put aside the course materials available for a short time, try to take a break and play games for 15 to 20 minutes to improve the mood of the students. Below are a few simple games we have compiled for you. Moreover, these games do not require long preparation in advance. Classroom Objects in English

20 Question Game

Many of you have played this game before. One of the students chooses one word and the other students ask different kinds of questions to find the selected word. These questions should be answered with “no” or “yes. It is best to select a specific topic and ask the students to choose a relevant word.

You can also select words that relate to situations or objects that all students know. The main reason why we talk about this game is to prevent students from having difficulty in producing questions when word verbs and auxiliary verbs come into play. With this great English tutorial game, students can improve themselves more quickly.

Word Race Game

In this game, first the students are divided into groups. The more groups, the more enjoyable this game will be. One subject is selected. For example, a topic covered in previous courses may also be selected. Each group should write as many words as possible about the topic.

This game is really great for improving your English grammar and vocabulary. You can also include small gifts in this game to further reinforce the pleasant and positive sense of competition. Candy, chocolate or book as a gift can be a nice idea.

Spelling Quiz Game

In this game, students should be asked to spell an English word. As soon as students spell the word, the teacher should write the correct spelling of the word on the blackboard. Students who misspell the word are eliminated from the game. It is a simple game that can be played both in small groups and in crowded classrooms.

Who am I Game

In this game, one of the students chooses a different person and tells the chosen student with 4 or 5 sentences to write on the board. The other students try to guess who the chosen person is. This game is perfect for grammar, sentence structures and vocabulary as well as dialogue development.

Two Real Lies Game

In fact, the content of the game can be guessed from the name. One of the students constructs three different sentences and tells the three sentences as if they were true.  However, not all of these sentences are true.  The other students will try to guess which of these three sentences is a lie.

The order will be passed to the correct guessing student.  This game also helps to overcome situations such as embarrassment, shyness and tension in a new group of students and quickly fuses students together.

Merge Initials Game

The first class for this game is divided into several groups. These groups choose speakers for themselves. Group speakers describe the words starting with the letters of the word given to them by the teacher with their gestures. Students try to find the word by combining the first letters of the words told by their fellow speakers within the specified time period.

If the word is known to the group within the specified time, another word is presented to the other group.  If students do not know, then the other group is given the right to guess.

Classroom Games For Teaching English, Esl Classroom Games


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