Collective Noun For Birds, Collective Nouns List Birds

Collective Noun For Birds, Collective Nouns List Birds

Collective Noun For Birds

Imagine a peaceful film scene or the heaven portrayals from the holy books from any culture for a minute. What are the things or the creatures in common in these scenes? Or answer the following question. Which animal has the most relaxing sound in the world? It’s birds, folks. Birds are one of the most significant living souls in the world. In most cultures around the world, there is no one single bad belief about them. Of course, there is a unique collective noun for birds, in the English language. When you see those tweeting creatures, you should use the correct collective noun for them. Because it is always important to use an understandable language to express yourself better.

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Birds are animals whose lives differ from many other reptiles and mammals. So, curiosity about them is extremely high. That’s why it’s crucially important for you to know, at least, one of the collective nouns for birds. The word “flock” is a collective noun that you can use to describe a group of birds that existed together. You can use just the “flock” or as a flock of birds as a word group if you wish. Both usages describe more than a bird. Here they are some clear examples of how you use the word.

  1. The students at the cafeteria were chirping before the COVID-19. Those were the days, my friend.
  2. The ballad you are listening to was inspired by a deaf musician who learned that he will never hear bird sounds. The chorus of it feels like a flock of birds chirping around you.
  3. It is time to wash your car. A flock of birds just have been here. Visual pieces of evidence are in your car.

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In general, you can apply the often-used word “colony” for birds when describing most of the animals. The colony is even used for baboons or ants. The word “colony”, which has been shaped especially within the zoology terminology of social groups of animals that live and interact closely with each other, would also be proper when used for birds.

  1. Who am I to disagree with you? You are the foremost bird in that colony of birds, right here.
  2. When he studies outside, I see hilarious notes on his books. Look this one, “A colony of birds are stealing my cereal, like the other colonials”.
  3. I saw a colony of blackbirds in the sky. Probably they were ravens. What an interesting specie, Poe was right about them.


Another collective noun choice you can use when talking about birds is fleet. This sentence is might seem interesting to you. But birds are animals that act as a naval fleet. There is a surprising extreme order there. All the birds act as a whole like aerobatic pilots. This behavior is probably derived from avoiding the danger of predators. Let’s see how we use this collective noun for birds.

  1. The fleet of birds was flying in the shape of a sphere. How that could be possible?
  2. During a camp trip, the last thing you want to see in the sky is a fleet of little birds. Prepare yourself to buy a new tent.
  3. According to an urban legend, the corn laws occurred because of a fleet of birds. It seems irrelevant but this is a thing.


The word “parcel” used generally for birds is a commonly known collective noun. The “parcel” is another word for the fleet of birds and is often used in the daily news or any publication that has the possibility to mention birds. You must use a correct preposition and a plural form of the word when using the word “parcel”, just like other collective nouns in English. If you want to enrich your English usage in your writing or possible conversations about birds, you can use this word. Because the word is really underrated by many people. Examine the examples below.

  1. I want to make a cliché in my wedding. A parcel of white birds will be released to their freedom.
  2. How dare you to cook a wild bird’s egg? The parcel of birds will be here to find you. They are extremely revengeful.
  3. A parcel of birds near Bosphorus was making a noise like they were laughing. This was strange.


At first glance, it seems ridiculous but that’s true there is a collective noun for birds called “murmuration”. When you look up for a murmur; it is a soft, indistinct sound made by a group of people speaking quietly or at a distance. The logic behind it is obvious. The sound of a group of birds is indistinct and has no message to us if you are not King Solomon. Note that, the word is used to refer to hundreds or thousands of starlings fly In swooping. At the and of the day, starlings are birds, too.

  1. Look at a murmuration! I hope you brought my camera from home.
  2. Dried leaves, migrating birds in a murmuration… I feel the autumn inside my soul.
  3. During my first camping trip, a wonderful scene caused a disaster to me. I saw a murmuration and I had to buy a new tent because of them.


The word, “cloud” is another underrated collective noun for birds. Especially in the fall, you see the birds acting like they were clouds. Even if this is a behavior based on distracting the predators, people from the past described them as a cloud, now the group name is still on usage, true story.

  1. Remember the first day we spent together. Our kite was crashed to the ground because of a cloud of birds.
  2. Daddy look at them! A cloud of birdies going somewhere said the little girl. It was getting cold and every living creature was looking for a warmer place.
  3. Only the unaesthetic cities are photographed at the night. This is not that kind. You can spot a cloud of birds in any photo of Worcestershire.

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