Collective Noun For Chickens, Collective Nouns List Chickens

Collective Noun For Chickens, Collective Nouns List Chickens


Collective Noun For Chickens

Animals that we encounter frequently in daily life and have entered almost every moment of our lives also take a place in our language. We may often be missing vocabulary knowledge in speaking or writing activities where we talk about animals and their lives. However, it will be sufficient to use a few impressive and rare collective nouns to make the language we use rich. When examined in general, you will immediately notice that collective nouns for chicken options are also used frequently. That’s why we will tell you about the collective noun for chickens options that are used both in the farm field and in daily life. By examining the sample sentences, you will get the chance to make the sentence setup correctly in general.

Here areĀ 200 examples of collective nouns

Flock of chickens

In general, it is possible to say that both wild animals and animals that have relatively adapted to city life tend to move around in herds. A different concept is appropriate for each animal’s herd in terms of language. Flock is a concept used especially for chickens. You can say “flock of chickens” when you want to describe or talk about chickens that roam or feed in flocks. Let’s examine a few examples.

  1. A flock of chickens was scattered all over the farm, so now I would have to work a bit to get them back to the coop.
  2. I walk past the flock of chickens every morning and collect the eggs that have just been laid and have a healthy breakfast with them.

Brood of chickens

Let’s continue with a collective noun for chickens alternative that people who are familiar with farm life often hear. When the word brood is used alone, it means incubation, breeding. As you know, chickens incubate to give birth to chicks. Here, the word brood, which you can use when you want to explain this situation of chickens, will make you look very advanced in the English field. The most common use of the word brood is in farm fields. If you wish, let’s take a look at the sample sentences together.

  1. Brood of chickens seems to yield extremely many eggs, I’ll probably sell some of those eggs.
  2. I’ve watched many documentaries and youtube videos on how to care for a brood of chickens, now I’m more conscious of it.

Peep of chickens

People looking for collective nouns for chickens can also use the word Peep. The word peep defines small, weak sounds of young birds. Therefore, the word peep is often used not only for birds but also for the sound of chickens or roosters. You can often come across this word in texts or movies about the farm. Let’s moan a few sample sentences together.

  1. The peep of chickens was extremely shrill so I felt uncomfortable in the morning and woke up.
  2. I fell asleep listening to Peep of Chickens, I guess life in farmhouses gets a little noisy

Clutch of chickens

This word, which means claw when used alone, is often used by people looking for collective nouns for chicken. When you use the word clutch in a sentence, you must be describing or describing an animal. Because the word clutch is also a word that describes the powers or claws of animals. This word also means a handbag. Therefore, it is necessary to pay extra attention to how the word is used in the sentence. Let’s examine the sample sentences if you wish.

  1. The clutch of chickens looked a bit unkempt and unhealthy, so we decided to call a veterinarian again.
  2. One of the collective nouns for chickens alternatives that you can easily use when forming sentences is the word clutch.

Chattering of chickens

As you know, chickens are animals that really talk among themselves. Therefore, you also need a collective noun that you can use to describe the noise and sound of chickens together. In this context, we think you can use the word chattering. The chattering of chickens is a type of collective noun suitable for describing the sounds that live chickens make while communicating with each other.

  1. The chattering of chickens is really annoying.
  2. Can you hear the chattering of chickens? It waked up me, so I am a little bit nervous.