Collective Noun For Dancers, Collective Nouns List in English

Collective Noun For Dancers, Collective Nouns List in English

Collective Nouns For Dancers

Would you like to learn additional words that will help you express yourself more clearly and richly? Learning new words can help you build English sentences more powerfully.

Especially the objects you put together with the correct names can help create some very cool phrases. Today we will imagine that we are going to an entertainment center with you. If many dancers were performing together in this entertainment center, what phrases would you need to use? At this point, collective nouns for dancers will really be of great use to you. When you put together the right groups of words, your sentences will look like those created by a native Englishman. If you want to increase your English level in both your essay studies, your speaking exams, and your daily speaking activities, it can be really helpful to have detailed information about the use of the proper collective noun.

Here areĀ 200 examples of collective nouns

If you wish, let’s start to examine the different collective noun alternatives that you can use while characterizing the dancers! Here are the most common ones of them:

Float of dancers

Do you want to talk about the dancers who presented a successful dance show together with a very successful choreography? Then meet the perfect collective noun alternative that you can use to underline their harmonious movements and impressive dance patterns! The word float is a word you can use especially when describing female dancers. When you use the word float alone, you describe the dance movement dancers make with gliding and gently swinging. When you use a group of words as a float of dancers, you define this general movement of dancers with a collective noun.

  • The float of dancers looked incredibly impressive, I’d really love to photograph them.
  • I loved the float of dancers. That’s why I plan to attend the shows of these dancers more often.
  • The float of dancers was the most enjoyable part of the dance. I really liked the fluctuation of the lights around while dancing.

Flight of dancers

Would you like to hear a collective noun, which is synonymous with the float of dancers but is often used for male dancers? The collective noun, which is generally used to describe the movements of the dancers in the moments when they float quickly and looks perfect when used to describe male dancers, is the flight. When you use a phrase as a flight of dancers, you will notice that your sentence looks extremely powerful and rich. Let’s examine a few sample sentences with you. We hope that in this way you can understand more clearly how this word is used. Take care to use this collective noun in dance when the dancers jump gently to create a wave-like flow.

  • Flight of dancers almost took my breath away the moment I watched it, I cannot tell what an impressive show it was.
  • Overall, the dance was very impressive, but I might not recommend this show to other people like the flight of dancers was not successful enough.
  • The most important thing to pay attention to in dance training is the flight of dancers. If you can act correctly at this stage, you can create an aesthetic appearance on the stage.

Gambol of dancers

Have you ever thought about how high dancers can jump in an instant, how elegantly they can perform such movements thanks to their special techniques? Although the dancers vary according to their choreographies, they exhibit various hopping and floating movements in almost every dance. If you want to define these movements that are in harmony with the nature of music, you need to use the correct collective noun options. Another collective noun you can use when describing dancers and their movements are gambol. Gambol is used to refer to the moment when the dancers jump right out of place and rise slightly upward.

Are you wondering how this word can be used most accurately? So if you wish, let’s first examine a few sample sentences we prepared for you. Thanks to these sample sentences, you will be able to construct sentences very easily without grammatical errors.

  • I purchased a paint with a gambol of dancers.
  • Gambol of dancers was one of the most aesthetic dance moments, I really liked it!

Troupe of dancers

Sometimes, some dance groups can perform shows similar to a theater. These can also be named as musical. Then we can use the word troupe to describe these dancers. Troupe, as a collective noun, represents the theatrical world and theater groups. Let’s examine a few sample sentences and explore how sentences should be constructed in general.

  • A troupe of dancers organized an extremely impressive musical.
  • A troupe of dancers gave an impressive performance.
  • The first thing I did when I came to college was to join the troupe of dancer group.

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