Collective Noun For Vultures, Collective Nouns List Vultures

Collective Noun For Vultures, Collective Nouns List Vultures

Collective Noun For Vultures

People take place in communication lines to express their beliefs, thought, and knowledge. To fulfill this aim, their context of data flow, the language, must be crystal clear. Even if you are a native speaker or a foreigner who uses the language just for professional purposes, you should be following its unique rules, grammar rules. One of these unique rules is collective nouns. There are several collective nouns in English, especially in the case of animals. Vultures are a part of birds. When you mention them, you might require a collective noun for vultures. Here they are some examples for them.

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Cast of vultures

Vultures have always been one of the symbols of scary themes. Consider Western movies. They are used to express the feeling of loneliness and fear. Vultures have always been in the cast of these movies. So, the cast is a collective noun for vultures.

  1. Gather around me, my children, to hear the sweet tale of how I survived while a cast of vultures was following me.
  2. The crime scene looked like a Western scene. The corpse was inspected by a cast of vultures. The hot wave was inviting more of them.
  3. The regime officers were heading towards the North. There was no difference between them and a cast of vultures.

Kettle of vultures

In general, you can employ the often-used word kettle for vultures when describing them. A vulture is one of the wild bird species that is commonly known for its ability to fly without making a noise, like eagles. If you see a group of vultures that flying in the sky. You should call them a kettle of vultures.

  1. A kettle of vultures is approaching here. There should be a corpse or deadly injured living things.
  2. Look at them! A kettle of vultures flying there. The word kettle here means flying in a circle formation.
  3. It is not logical to flying a kite here. You see, there is a kettle of vultures. This means there is no wind enough to fly it.

Committee of vultures

In medical higher education, there is an exam type called a committee. Professors sit around a table in a circle. You enter the room to face your destiny with fear. Another collective noun for vultures you can hear when talking about the, with this sense, is the committee. You may be a little surprised when you first hear about it. To describe a group of vultures as a committee, they should be landed.

  1. A committee of vultures was sitting around a dead tree. The view was like a family gathering at Christmas
  2. What makes people to scared of these lovely creatures, I do not understand. A committee of vultures just stands here to take care of their nestlings.
  3. We thought we saw a few eagles on the top of the mountain but it seems we were wrong. These wild birds were a committee of vultures perched on a rock.

Wake of vultures

The word wake used especially for a vulture is an extremely little known one. Wake is another word for a group of vultures and is often used when they are feeding. As we all know vultures are the wild scavenger birds that people are afraid of. Wake, a collective noun for vultures, is one of the sources of fear. When you see a group of vultures that are feeding you call them a wake of vultures.

  1. A wake of vultures attacked the wounded gazelle. It seems like inevitable death was nearer than ever.
  2. As a biologist, my research is based on the group behaviors of a wake of vultures. How do they act towards their victim?

Venue of vultures

Another word that you can see as a collective noun for vultures is known as a venue. The venue is a word that can be used for vultures that are perched on somewhere. Unlike the word, “kettle”, “venue” is used when a group of vultures not flying.

  1. It seems like a venue of vultures is perched on the old Latin American dictator’s statue. See, they know themselves.
  2. A vulture lives in hot climate zones. You cannot see a venue of vulture in cold climate zones like arctic areas.

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