Collective Noun For Dogs, Collective Nouns List Dogs

Collective Noun For Dogs, Collective Nouns List Dogs

Collective Noun For Dogs

It is very important for you to improve your vocabulary knowledge in order to use the English language actively. We especially recommend you to combine the words we use in everyday life with the correct collective noun options. In this context, today we will examine collective nouns for dogs options today. If you want to be able to express yourself comfortably and have a richer English when you are writing essays about dogs or participating in speaking activities about dogs, all you need to do is to become familiar with the words by looking at such noun lists.

Here areĀ 200 examples of collective nouns

Pack of dogs

When you watch a documentary about wildlife, you can see many animals roaming in herds. The same goes for dogs. The word pack is actually used for dogs that roam in packs and is often used to describe a wild group. Let’s take a look at the sample sentences:

  1. When a pack of dogs rushed towards me, I tried very hard not to run, because if I ran, they would chase me.
  2. A pack of dogs looked extremely impressive but was also a bit scary.

Kennel of dogs

In general, another word you can use when you want to talk about dogs in everyday life is known as a kennel. The kennel is the name given to the small ashes that dogs have in a garden house. Dogs can easily lead their own lives in these huts. You can often come across the word kennel, especially when examining house ads with a garden.

  1. It’s important for Kennel of dogs to be big enough, so we’ve reserved a large place in our garden.
  2. We hired an architect to design a kennel of dogs, and we cherish our dear little friend.

Mute of dogs

Another collective noun alternative that you can use to characterize dogs is known as mute. When talking about silent and calmer dogs than others, it will be sufficient to use a phrase like mute of dogs. Using such new generation English words in both speaking and writing activities will make it easier for you to collect points.

  1. The mute of dogs, which has been going on since the morning, worried me, I started wondering if dogs are sick.
  2. Lately, the mute of dogs has been affecting me.

Litter of dogs

As you know, you usually encounter babies in the animal world. Especially when talking about pets, you should often mention puppies. Because both cats and dogs live together with their puppies or many people prefer puppies when acquiring a pet. Litter is a type of collective noun that can be used not only for dogs but also for cats. When using the word litter, you must add and dogs at the end.

  1. The litter of dogs looks extremely cute, I want to take pictures of them.
  2. I found a painting with a litter of dogs and I know you love animals so I wanted to gift it to you.
  3. The litter of dogs looks so cute, I want to own them all!

Cry of dogs

One of the most used collective nouns for dogs alternatives recently is known as cry. The cry can also be a verb when used alone. Similarly, when used as a collective noun, this word again refers to the sad and crying states of dogs. You can use this collective noun when you want to describe sad dog photos you see or report a situation with your dog.

  1. The cry of dogs is extremely sad, I really can’t stand seeing a dog like this, and I want to embrace him right away.
  2. The cry of dogs became more and more common because dogs literally suffered from cold and hunger.

Cowardice of dogs

We need to describe dogs that are sometimes timid and afraid of certain things. It is not difficult to guess that dogs who are abused, especially in the modern world, look like this. Cowardice is also a collective noun option that is used to express exactly this type of look. The word Cowardian is extremely poetic and literary, and you can find it in novels.

  1. The cowardice of dogs looks miserable.

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