Collective Noun For Eagles, Collective Nouns List Eagles

Collective Noun For Eagles, Collective Nouns List Eagles

Collective Noun For Eagles

To express yourself better, it is always important to follow the specific rules of the language. Whichever language you use does not matter. These specific rules of the languages are called grammar rules. To enrich your communication skills, to increase your credibility on your colleagues you need to use a clear and correct sentences. In the English language, there are several grammar rules you need to follow. One of them is collective nouns. For example, you are talking about the eagles, the noble-alone-birds of the skies. To be a more credible speaker, you need to use a correct collective noun for eagles. We will be learning a few of them throughout this page.

Here are 200 examples of collective nouns

Convocation of eagles

The word “convocation” is one of the words that could be used when in need of a collective noun for eagles. Even if people see them mostly alone in the sky eagles are more social animals (Animals Babies Names, Animals and Their Young Ones, Definition and Examples) than we expect. The word “convocation” is generally used to refer to the college or university gatherings. Also, you can use that word to describe a huge group of eagles gathered around their nests. Let’s see how we use this word.

  1. As a wild photographer, I guess I am at the peak of my career. Look at that photo. There is a convocation of eagles there that is an extremely rare scene.
  2. All the family has gathered around like a convocation of eagles. The inevitable dispute was approaching.
  3. Look at their nest! The mother is feeding his nestling in a convocation of eagles.

Aerie of eagles

To impress your audience with an underrated collective noun for eagles you can use the word “aerie” for eagles when describing a group of eagles. The word “aerie” means a nest of an eagle. Mostly, they exist on the extreme heights. Since the eagles are identified with freedom and nobility, several institutions even some countries considered eagles as their identical animal. There is a non- profit institution called the Fraternal Order of Eagles. And the “aery” is one of their chapters. Examine the examples below.

  1. An aerie of eagles seemed outside. We need to take all the chickens inside.
  2. A non-metalhead can never understand what it feels to be in a concert. There are fraternal relations like an aerie of eagles.
  3. Most of the air forces around the globe name their airbases as aerie. Because they see their fighter jets as an aerie of eagles.

Spread of eagles

Another collective noun choice you can use when mentioning a group of eagles is “spread”. This usage may seem interesting to you. But eagles are the animals fly individually and separate from the other members of the group. This behavior is probably occurred to increase the possibility of a successful hunt. Because eagles need to act like a predator. Let’s see how we use this collective noun for eagles.

  1. A spread of eagles flying on sheep. The shepherd is not probably there.
  2. One of the greatest ambitions of a wild photographer is to be able to snap a spread of eagles more than one eagles in a photo.
  3. Tomorrow will take us away far from home like a spread of eagles tracking down their hunts.

Soar of eagles

The word “soar” is used frequently for eagles as a commonly known collective noun. The “soar” is another word for the spread of eagles and is often used in the camping society or any publication related to the wild that has the possibility to mention eagles. You must use a proper preposition and a plural form of the word when using the word “soar” like other collective nouns in English. If you want to enrich your literature in your writing or possible conversations about eagles, you can use this word. Because the word is really unknown by many non-campers people. You can see the examples below.

  1. Eagles are the greatest predators. They soar when they fly. So, a group of eagles is called a soar of eagles.
  2. You can watch for hours the flight of a soar of eagles. They fly like a glorious living kite. A soar of eagles can cover a long distance without any single claps.