Collective Noun For Clothes, Collective Nouns List Clothes

Collective Noun For Clothes, Collective Nouns List Clothes


Collective Noun For Clothes

Using the right collective nouns in your debates is always a must. Clothes are an essential part of daily life. They could be taken place in any dialog so you need to know the proper usage of them. You must be able to use the right collective noun for clothes when needed.

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Clothes are generally the things that needed to be combined with other proper clothes to achieve a good appearance. In a good combination, all the features the clothes should be in visual harmony. Menswear and womenswear are the industries based on this aim. There is a word for the clothes that already have this visual harmony. It is a suit. The suit is a collective noun for clothes and a suit is a general business cloth in the dress code of the menswear. When the word “suit” is used without a context; probably a cloth combination of a suit jacket, trousers, and a shirt meant by the narrator. Otherwise, it could be any cloth with a combination. It is also a set of clothes that are worn together.

  1. The adventurer got into the shop and bought a suit of armor. Attending a war without it would be more fatal for him.
  2. My aim for today was to go jogging but I could not find my running suit. That is why I am not outside.
  3. With their unique design, you can easily distinguish sailor suits from the other clothes. The light blue and white are used by a craftmanship.

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In English, there are a few commonly used collective nouns like the word “bundle”. Its origin is about clothes. A bundle is a collection of clothes that are tied or wrapped together. To visualize what bundle is, think about the traveling characters in cartoons. They carry a stick with bundled a few of their stuff upon their shoulders. This is a bundle.

  1. When I got home, I realized that I have forgotten a bundle of clothes at the campsite we spent the whole weekend with my best friends.
  2. There is a bundle of old-fashioned clothes in your wardrobe. I bet these clothes have been there since Big Bang. Let’s buy you something new.
  3. He has spent the whole weekend by ironing a bundle of clothes. Then he realized, some service industry was built on necessity.


Even if the closet’s original meaning is about furniture that is made for keeping the clothes in it, the closet is used as a collective noun for clothes. People generally use the word “closet” to mean the thing inside it, the clothes. Closet’s usage points out the number of clothes and it uses “a lot”.

  1. Barney gives importance to his appearance, so his dressing room is enormous. There is a closet of awesome suits just behind the door for casual usage.
  2. There is a little time left to birth. The family has purchased a closet of newborn clothes. They are excited a lot.
  3. The student clubs of the university were wasting a lot of effort into a charity activity. At the end of the day, all the donation was less than a closet of used clothes.


Another collective noun you might be needed is the rack. The rack is originally an object part that is made for putting the other objects. In closets, there is a place for racks. The ability of a closet comes from its racks. Also, bookshelves do have racks, too. To use the word “rack” as a collective noun, there must be a proper preposition.

  1. Back in the ’90s, all the young and teenage people had a rack of Converses by the influence of grunge groups.
  2. The Southern kid with long hair shouted his mother, “Mom! I can find none of my t-shirts. There was a rack of them here.”
  3. The museum was organizing an exhibition with old tailoring pieces. It was so unique that there was a rack of antique Chinese silk from the Qing dynasty.


The word “pile” used especially for clothes is not tidy and there are a lot of them. When it is used in a sentence, there could be a negative meaning. The usage of “pile” as a collective noun requires a proper preposition.

  1. I could not go out yesterday because it was my laundry day. There was a pile of clothes to iron.
  2. Can you check the drawer? I need sock and there was a pile of socks there.


An outfit is a set of clothes worn together like a suit, generally for a specific occasion or purpose. The outfit is used after the specific purpose of the clothes.

  1. In a proper running outfit, there should be comfortable footwear like sneakers.
  2. A camp person always should prefer a sweater in its camping outfit. The hypothermia is the worst possibility in the camping.