Clothes Names, Clothes Vocabulary in English and Example Sentences

Clothes Names, Clothes Vocabulary in English and Example Sentences

Clothes Names, Clothes Vocabulary in English and Example Sentences


One of the most basic things we do during the day is to dress. We change clothes for many things. For example, we wear our pajamas before going to sleep, we wear tights while doing sports, we prefer to wear more stylishly when going to a special place, we wear uniforms when we go to school and we can also work in a job that requires us to wear uniforms. In short, dressing is the most basic activity we do during the day. Some people care about their clothing, while others do not.

However, people who care about their clothes shop a lot and follow the fashion closely. Sometimes some people may also choose to wear a separate outfit for each day. There are many kinds of clothes that we use in our lives. Also, the clothes of men and women are different. The clothes are given below with sample sentences:

Bathrobe: I never neglect to use a bathrobe when leaving the bathroom.

Beret: Do not forget to take a beret when going out because it is snowing outside.

Coat: This year we started to wear our coats early because the weather started to cool down early.

Hat: Indispensable accessories of summer months are hats, they look stylish and protect from sunshine.

Jean: I don’t like wearing jeans, but sometimes I can create beautiful combinations with them.

Raincoat: It is good that I bought the yellow raincoat that I saw in a store last week, can you see how it rains outside.

Pajamas: My youngest daughter wears her pajamas before going to sleep, then goes to bed by saying good night to all of us.

Slipper: When my grandfather comes to us every winter, I give him his slippers because he always wears slippers inside the house.

T- shirt: I’ve washed all your colorful t-shirts, for now you can wear white ones.

Track suit: My biggest hobby is wearing my track suits on weekends and going for a walk.

Underwear: My childhood friend, who I met in a mall today, was working in a underwear store.

Skirt: Since my height gradually grows, all my beautiful skirts are short to me now.

Jacket: Please take your jacket with you because you are going to an important job interview.

Tie: My dad has breakfast before going to work every morning, then he wears his suit, and my mom helps my dad to start his tie.

Swimsuit: We went shopping before going on vacation this summer and bought a lot of swimsuits.

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