Collective Noun For Stingrays, Collective Nouns List Stingrays

Collective Noun For Stingrays, Collective Nouns List Stingrays


Collective Noun For Stingrays

If you are a rookie in the field of English, in other words, your native speaker is not English, some grammar topics will be challenging for you. Especially the topics that do not exist in your own native speaker will be harder to adapt.

Collective nouns are one of them. In English, literally, all the things have unique collective nouns for them. You need to know these collective nouns to use English properly. A gap in your communication channel would be misperceptions or distraction. You probably will not want the emergence of these issues in your conversations.

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Don’t worry we are here to help. Let’s say, in a dialog you need to mention stingrays collectively. You should use a correct collective noun for stingrays.

Fever of stingrays

Stingrays are the eagles of the oceans and seas. They are both impressive and spooky. Because of their spooky appearance, people decided to call a group of stingrays by a disease’s name. It is “Fever”. In that sense, the word “Fever” is a collective noun for stingrays. Also, because of the grammar structure of English, you will need to use it with a proper preposition.

  1. We came back from fishing early, son. Because a fever of stingrays was hunting in our region. That means, there could be sharks, too.
  2. You can’t see a fever of stingrays in an aquarium. You see only single ones. Because each of the stingrays needs broader space than the other fish.
  3. A fever of stingrays was swimming like they are a flock of birds. It was interesting. I wish I had an underwater camera to take the moment.

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School of stingrays

The word school is used to describe a group of fish. Also, school is a verb, too. Schooling is the verb that mentions a group of fish swimming in the same way. As we all know, stingrays are a kind of fish. So, we can use the word “school” as a collective noun for stingrays. Remember, the school is used when the stingrays are swimming together in the same direction.

  1. Quick! Pull the nets, immediately! This school of stingrays will tear them apart. Also, they can sink us. You know the end of this story. Run!
  2. Captain Ahab was smoking his pipe. He murmured,” I will find you, Moby Dick, even if you are hidden in a school of stingrays.
  3. Those were the days, my friends. Remember our most successful fishing. A school of stingrays had common towards our nets with open arms.


Shoal of stingrays

We mentioned school as a collective noun for stingrays and pointed out that schooling is a verb. In this case shoaling is a verb, too. Shoaling means a group of fish hanging out together in a place by drawing circles. However, the word shoal is a collective noun just like school.

  1. Maybe I should close my boat’s lights. There is a shoal of stingrays down there. Distracting them is bad luck.
  2. I was sailing when the wild wind blew. Luckily, there was only a shoal of stingrays in the sea. I don’t know where the sunken is.
  3. We are sailing to Philadelphia with my buddy Mark Knopfler. He tells us a story about how he dived into a shoal of stingrays. It seems a bit made up but it is OK. He is a nice guy, there is no necessity to be a truth-teller.

Group of stingrays

When you learn the topic of collective nouns, the first sentence is the following. Collective nouns are the nouns that describe a group of things together. In that sense, the word “group” is a collective noun for stingrays, too.

  1. It was the most adventurous time of my life when I was diving into the sea. I have a photo with a group of stingrays. They seem like they were smiling.
  2. Daddy I wish you were here. We have seen a group of stingrays in the ocean. The spooky captain shouted like “why are you here again, go away”. It was funny.
  3. When you are on the boat everything is different. You see the meaning of life in the shade of the sun. Suddenly you see a group of stingrays. Then you forget.