+1000 Collocations List from A-Z in English

+1000 Collocations List from A-Z in English;

+1000 Collocations List from A-Z in English

Collocations With COME

come close come complete with
come early come first
come into view come late
come last come to a compromise
come to life  come second
come to decision come to a total of
come to an end come to an agreement
come direct come cheap
come to a stop come into sth.
come clean about come under attack
come up with come to life
come prepared come to a realization
come to terms with come in last
come on time come to power
come right back come to sb’s rescue
come to a conclusion


Collocations With GET

get a call get a joke
get a ticket get a letter
get a cold get a shock
get a dark get a clue
get a tan get a job
get out of breath get drunk
get started get fired
get cool get pregnant
get hungry get one’s hair cut
get together get a right
get dressed get upsed
get divorced get changed
haveget ready for get the impression
get into trouble get wet
get good get worried
get a chance get lost
get permission get stuck
get a degree get to sleep
get home get married
get nowhere


Collocations With DO

do business do nothing
do the cooking do the housework
do the shopping do your best
do your hair do home work
do damage do laundry
do the dishes do harm
do good do the exam
do anything do a good job
do your chores do everything
do sport do well
do the ironing do the cleaning
do badly do business
do exercises do a job
do an interview do  your make-up
do research do the dishes
do an operation do work
do the math  do the maximum
do a favour do a deal
do cleaning do account
do a drawing do friends


Collocations With TAKE

take part in sth. take time
take a look take a bath
take a shower take a break
take a chance take a picture
take a seat take notes
take care take a break
take class take a rest
take a taxi take an exam
take care of take your time
take a decision take a bite
take a bow take advice
take a hike take a risk
take a survey take the bus
take medicine take a trip
take part take lessons
take my place take a long time
take effect take cover
take it seriously take a vacation
take it apart take heart
take a course take a sit

+1000 Collocations List from A-Z in English

Collocations With HAVE

have a shower have a bath
have a wash have a scrub
have a rest have a break
have a nap have a snooze
have a lie down have a dream
have a holiday have a day off
have a party have fun
have a haircut have a shave
have a chat have a decision
have a conversation have a talk
have an argument have a dispute
have a fight  have a quarrel
have a lecture have a walk
have a jog have a run
have a swim have a stretch
have a game have a dance
have a drill have a lesson
have a think have a meal
have lunch a snack
have a coffee have a sweet


Collocations With GO

go home go downtown
go abroad go North
go South go party
go cinema go bank
go a hike go a drink
go a coffee go a meal
go a rest go a nap
go a ride go a drive
go a swim go a walk
go a run go doctor’s
go mountains go beach
go lake go port
go airport go supermarket
go a safari go an adventure
go a cruise go a trip
go holiday go meeting
go conference go gig
go concert go Asia
go Europe go prison
go university go college


Collocations With BREAK

break a bone break a code
break a habit break a law
break down break the news to someone
break a promise break a record
break a window break ground
break new ground break someone’s heart
break the ice break one’s fall
break a leg break even
break loose break from tradition
break the rules break the silence
break the spell break free
break up break the ice


Collocations With MAKE

make an appointment make a fortune
make charge make money
make an efforts make friends
make a decision make fun of sby
make breakfast make love
make lunch make a mess
make dinner make a mistake
make a choice make a noise
make an exception make a sound
make an excuse make a phone call
make plans make a mistake
make progress make a profit
make the bed make a suggestion
make a wish make an attempt
make a point make an offer
make a request make a mistake
make changes make furniture
make payment make room
make clear make trouble
make an excuse make a cake


Collocations With PAY

pay a bill pay a fine
pay a visit pay someone a visit
pay attention pay interest
pay the price pay someone a compliment
pay cash pay handsomely
pay well pay one’s respects
pay someone back pay for something
gross pay pay by credit card


Collocations With SAVE

save electricity save energy
save money save someone the trouble
save a penalty save space
save time save yourself the trouble
save lives save someone a seat
save a short save the environment
save something save someone’s life
save one’s strength save something to a disk


Collocations With CATCH

catch a ball catch a bus
catch a cold catch a chill
catch someone by surprise catch someone off guard
catch some rays catch a whiff
catch the flue catch a glimpse
catch someone at a bad time catch someone’s attention
catch sight of sth catch someone’s eye
catch a thief catch a train
catch someone red-banded good catch
catch (on) fire catch you later
catch your breath catch the news
catch someone in the art play catch


Collocations With KEEP

keep a secret keep a promise
keep a diary keep a journal
keep the change keep score
keep your balance keep someone in check
keep an appointment keep away
keep pace keep calm
keep control keep the quite
keep records keep animals
keep someone’s keeper keep up the good work
keep in touch keep track of
keep tabs on keep in mind
keep sth to yourself keep sth at bay
keep someone keep someone’s place
keep someone posted keep it up
keep it down keep up
keep your job keep safe
keep someone company keep sth on the down low
keep someone’s distance


Collocations With TIME

spend time waste time
make time for save time
free time have a hard time
have time take your time
on time just in time
take time off run out of time
stall for time pass the time
leisure time spare time
take your time this/the same time tomorrow
to tell time to keep time
precious time set time
kill time have a great time