The Garden of Words, Gardening Tools Names With Pictures

English Garden Vocabulary, Gardening Tools Names With Pictures

English Garden Vocabulary, Gardening Tools Names With Pictures


Gardens are usually located around people’s homes. It is a natural area arranged with various flowers, trees and garden accessories. People usually have barbecue parties in their gardens, chat in pleasant summer evenings, read books alone, have breakfast in the morning and do many other activities in the gardens. While some enjoy the pool in the garden, some can take great pleasure in planting colorful flowers.

Gardens mean something for everyone, and everyone’s gardening activity can be very different. But as is generally known, there are various trees, colorful flowers, fresh vegetables, etc. in the garden. ┬áThe items that everyone can keep in their garden and arrange their garden are given below with sample sentences:


Today, we will turn the garden of our newly bought two-storey house in the south with brown hedges.


My grandfather planted a variety of fruit trees in his village garden,  this summer we will go and cut off all the fruits on the tree and eat them with pleasure.


We went to our friend’s farm today, they have about 50 cows, and they also started producing meat, milk, yogurt and fat.


Today we decided to afforest the school’s garden and planted it in colorful flowers.

Wheelie bin

We decided to put a large wheelie bin can in our company garden because everywhere was dirty.

Watering can

My mom was very angry with him because my little brother was playing with my grandfather’s flower watering can.

Garden hose

We circled the garden hose around the house and watered the whole garden, I think we will have to take a longer hose here.


We bought a big brown broom to get the weeds in the garden comfortably from the mall.


Now farmers use artificial fertilizers to use in their fields, and I think that the use of artificial fertilizers increases productivity.


The lands of our country are the most fertile lands on this earth.


Today, we bought 2 chickens, a duck and a dog in the small but cozy garden of our new home.


All of our workers are hoe the field, and all of them will have a lunch break.


You should wear your gloves while cleaning the thorns roses, or the thorns will sink in your hands.


We have brought very fertile soil for this new and large garden, and now we will plant new trees with a shovel.

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