19 Useful Collocations about TIME in English – TIME Phrases

19 Useful Collocations about TIME in English – TIME Phrases;

Collocations about TIME in English, Example Sentences


pass the time At home, she passes time playing game.
leisure time What do you do in your leisure time?
spare time In his spare time, he play tennis.
precious time Doctors say tuberculosis has moved too slowly and lost precious time.
set time set time aside for someone
kill time We played game to kill time.
spend time Alex spends a lot of time with his wife.
waste time I’m sorry, but I think it’s a waste of time.
make time for I make time for playing football because I love it.
save time My son save time and he should study hard.
free time We have a lot of free time for this work.
have a hard time He had a hard time with her car.
have time We have a lot of time for holiday.
take your time Take your time” Mary told me.
on time I got there on time.
in time We arrived just in time for our train to Brussels.
take time off Alex often has to take time off  his work.
run out of time to have no time left
stealing time The opponent football player accuses the player of stealing time.