English Kitchen Vocabulary Words With Pictures, Examples

English Kitchen Vocabulary Words With Pictures, Examples

English Kitchen Vocabulary Words With Pictures, Examples


The kitchen is a room for cooking and preparing in a home or workplace, as well as a room generally used for dining. The kitchen is a room where the necessary materials for cooking are made, various dishes are made, and white goods necessary for foods are placed.

The kitchen is generally available in the following places; houses, restaurants, large businesses, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, public institutions, companies, large banks, prisons, bakeries, etc. In short, there is a kitchen everywhere where people need to be served food. However, there are many items that must be kept in our kitchens to cook. Some of them are given below with sample sentences:

Tea Maker

I bought a big tea maker today to welcome my crowded guests.


I make toast to my children every morning in the toaster.


We used kettle the most in our student house.


I make great smoothies with the mixer.


After returning from shopping this evening, we arranged the refrigerator.


Blender is the most used tool in my kitchen.


I made very nice cupboards in the kitchen of the house where we just moved.

Cooker Hood

Every Sunday, we gather the whole family and cook fish, my biggest assistant is an cooker hood because there is no fishy smell in my kitchen.


I do not have time to work all day, so I heat the food I get ready in the microwave every evening.

Dish Soap

We often use a dishwasher to wash dishes, but we also took dish detergent to be able to wash it when there is little dish soap.

Dining Table

The dining table is the best corner of my kitchen because the whole family gather here every evening to eat and have a nice conversation.


We bought new grill for large barbecue parties.


Here are Cooking Verbs List;

  • Strain
  • Grate
  • Pinch
  • Add
  • Broil
  • Chop
  • Cut
  • Dip
  • Fry
  • Bread
  • Boil
  • Stir
  • Spread
  • Layer
  • Taste
  • carve

Cooking Verbs with Pictures, Definition and Examples

  • Knead
  • Dice
  • Prepare
  • Measure
  • Grill
  • Sprinkle
  • Peel
  • Whip
  • Squeeze
  • Roll out
  • Crush
  • Level
  • Slice
  • Bake
  • Blend
  • Serve
  • Scramble
  • Melt
  • Pour
  • Simmer
  • Stir
  • Baste
  • Mix
  • Whisk
  • Saute
  • Chop
  • Barbecue
  • Roast
  • Weigh
  • Store
  • Microwave
  • Flip

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