Using In Addition in English, Example Sentences with In Addition

How to Use In Addition, Using In Addition in English, Example Sentences with In Addition

How to Use In Addition, Using In Addition in English, Example Sentences with In Addition

Using In Addition

There are many conjunction in the English language. Each conjunction serves a different purpose of use. Even the conjunctions used in the same sense have different aesthetic values in different sentences. Conjunctions take a special place in both spoken and written languages.

Especially in foreign language exams of many countries, conjunctions are definitely considered as an important grammar subject to the questions. Today, we will examine a very popular linker with you: IN ADDITION. This conjunction is a conjunction that you can use when you want to add something parallel with the information given before.

You can often cope with the use of the conjunction at the beginning of a sentence.

1. Two Separate Sentences

You can see that the first information that will sometimes be given in the use of this conjunction is given in the previous sentence. In this case, this conjunction becomes the beginning of a new sentence, and the information provided with the conjunction represents the second information.

The beginning of the mentioned context is the previous sentence. It is not difficult to follow this conjunction in such sentences and understand what he wants to tell. Here are a few examples of such sentences:

  • I cannot come with you, I have to go to work. In addition, there is someone I need to see at 2 p.m., sorry.
  • You are really sad right now. In addition, the people around you frustrated you. Do not have a decision right now, please.
  • I am sure that she wants to talk to you. In addition, there is an instinct in me that she is going to propose to you.

In the sentences you see above, there is a diagram of meaning that follows each other. This chart is a chart that users can follow very easily. You can find this use in simple English texts or academic content. There is one more thing to watch out for.

When using this conjunction in writing language, you need to add a comma at the end of the conjunction. In this way, you will make toning even more striking.

2. One Sentence

While using this linker, you can also give two pieces of information you want to give one after another in a single sentence. To do this, you can still use the conjunction at the beginning of the sentence. You can see that in addition to the in conjunction in the daily speaking language, it is also often used in the middle of the sentence. According to which information is on emphasis, you can classify that information as priority information.

If you wish, let’s see some examples.

  • In addition to all the things you have done for me, you have also talked to my mom. How can I repay you?

*Here, in addition, is followed by a noun, not by a whole sentence. Remember that if we see ‘’in addition to’’, we put there a noun.

  • She is saying she is going to take us, in addition to all the things she has done.