Question Words, Definitions and Example Sentences

English Question Words, Definitions and Example Sentences


Our life always passes by questioning. We are constantly trying to learn something. We constantly ask questions to find out if a job has been done, to wonder the answer to a question, to obtain information or to remove any doubts. We forward these questions to ourselves or to others with a question sentence. We must put a question mark at the end of these question sentences we have established for the questions we will ask. There are two types of question sentences in English. One of them is given below with sample sentences:


In this question pattern, the auxiliary verb is put at the beginning of the sentence and the answers of such questions are always given with yes and no.

  • Will he come to school today, do you know?
  • No, he will not come because he got sick and went to the hospital.
  • Did you finish the books we bought together last week?
  • Your mother was asking you in the morning, did you go to her?
  • Would you like to have some more tea?
  • You don’t look good, do you want me to leave you home?


The answer to the question sentences established with wh- is not given with yes and no. Question words are used in these question patterns. In some exceptional cases in such questionnaires, the auxiliary verb is introduced. However, no auxiliary verb is used. These exceptions can be:

  • What is your name?
  • Where did you go?

The main question patterns in this subject are given below with sample sentences:


  • Can I find out what you need help with?
  • Can you tell me clearly what you want?
  • What do you think about this subject?
  • Tell me what you’re doing today?
  • What sort of nation might you want to live in?


  • Where did you lose your bracelet?
  • Where can I see you again?
  • Where was your school, I want to leave you today?


  • When can I get the answer to these questions?
  • When do you intend to move here?
  • When did you finish your school?

What time

  • What time did you return home yesterday?
  • What time do you want me to come tomorrow morning?
  • What time do you have lunch every day?


  • Who do you love, you can tell us?
  • Who knows the answers to these questions?


  • Whose book did you bring me?
  • Whose ┬ábirthday today?


  • Which lesson would you like us to study?
  • Which song do you like more?
  • Which movie do you want to go to this weekend?


  • How kind of school do you want to study at?
  • How did you get here alone?
  • How do you manage to laugh like this?


  • Why did not you tell me you could not come today?
  • Why are you calling me every day?
  • Why do not we meet more often anymore?

How many

  • How many topics do you have to study?
  • How many movies did you watch this month?


How much

  • How much money is left from this month’s salary?


How long

  • How long have you been living here?


How far

  • How far is it between the school and the house?


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