10 example of simple sentence

10 example of simple sentence

English Exampe Sentences, 50 examples of simple sentences

There are some stereotypes that are used in daily life, at work, at school, in the hospital and many more. If we are just learning English, learning these stereotypes will add fluency to us when we live in English-speaking countries, speaking English in daily life.

Some sentences used in English appear quite often and are very simple to use.  Usually all of them are in a form of pattern and knowing them well helps us to be better at speaking a language in daily life. Learning these common sentence and question patterns helps us with other people, in messaging or using e-mail. When we learn these common sentence and question patterns, we can establish a more comfortable dialogue.

When we change the grammatical structures of these patterns we use in daily life, they will benefit us a lot when we use them in our professional life.

Here are 10 example of simple sentence

1.Does he play tennis?

2.The train leaves every morning at 18 AM.

3.Water freezes at 0°C

4.I love my new pets.

5.They don’t go to school tomorrow.

6.We drink coffee every morning.

7.My Dad never works on the weekends.

8.Cats hate water.

9.Every child likes an ice cream.

10.My brother takes out the trash.