Sentences with After, After in a Sentence in English, Sentences For After

Sentences with After, After in a Sentence in English, Sentences For After

1. After us the deluge.

2. He studies after school.

3. They will come after you.

4. I’ll be back after lunch.

5. No one will come after me.

6. We drink tea after dinner.

7. After a storm comes a calm.

8. She takes after her mother.

9. Why do dogs run after cats?

10. Steve chased after his cat.

11. I’ll see you after practice.

12. They died one after another.

13. He was named after the king.

14. I feel good after a workout.

15. I will go home after dinner.

16. Who will look after your dog?

17. Please look after my luggage.

18. We went fishing after school.

19. Fasting comes after feasting.

20. After rain comes fair weather.

21. He arrived after the bell rang.

22. After that you need a computer.

23. Steve arrived after I had left.

24. We ate fresh fruit after dinner.

25. They dove in one after the other.

26. After dinner comes the reckoning.

27. I stopped coughing after two days.

28. Steve resumed reading after lunch.

29. We’ll resume the eating after tea.

30. After the fire, only ash was left.

31. Who should look after the elderly?

32. Children were kept in after school.

33. Bring it to me after you revise it.

34. A lot of boys ran after the rabbit.

35. Do not use drugs after vaccination.

36. I usually take a bath after dinner.

37. The jets took off one after another.

38. My jeans shrank after I washed them.

39. I slept after I arrived at my house.

40. I ache all over after the exercises.

41. After the war, Ford entered politics.

42. Steve washed the dishes after dinner.

43. I am meeting some friends after work.

44. I don’t like to pick up after my kids.

45. 80.Do not use drugs after vaccination.

46. We will go to the market after school.

47. 37.Do not use drugs after vaccination.

48. They split up after a year of marriage.

49. After the film had started, we arrived.

50. He got very depressed after his failure.

51. After a moment, his eyes flutter closed.

52. She tore the letter up after reading it.

53. The sky cleared up soon after the storm.

54. Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.

55. After their quarrel, she called it quits.

56. The provisions ran out after a short time.

57. He began to run after he had seen the cat.

58. It came to us after cutting it with a saw.

59. Our lesson will begin after a short break.

60. The knights were coming one after another.

61. The vegetables are greener after the rain.

62. They contrived to arrive in time after all.

63. The tanker was launched after the ceremony.

64. The boys are playing football after school.

65. George could hardly breathe after the race.

66. We went shopping after we had finished work.

67. I should be able to look after that for you.

68. My friend life after retirement was unhappy.

69. I went there after I had completed the task.

70. Shall we have coffee somewhere after school?

71. My friend went red after tripping on the rug.

72. New roads were constructed one after another.

73. When women go wrong, men go right after them.

74. After the hurricane, their house was a wreck.

75. Alex joined the navy after finishing college.

76. She came back ten minutes after the explosion.

77. A concrete plan evolved after much discussion.

78. We should go after her and tell her the truth.

79. They are both tired and hungry after shopping.

80. Don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating.

81. Discussion resumed after a short interruption.

82. After decades of civil war, order was restored.

83. I played game after I had finished my homework.

84. Miley has broken her leg after the car accident.

85. After 10 kilometers you will come across a park.

86. He is planning to go after his friend’s project.

87. He’s not competent to look after young children.

88. 69.Don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating.

89. You look exhausted after studying all night long.

90. To lock the stable-door after the horse is stolen.

91. She is going to prepare the emails after the meal.

92. They don’t even try to meet me after the farewell.

93. Sarah will be going home after the school meeting.

94. Hurry up! There is a rafter of wild turkeys there.

95. Is Will Alex being able to walk after the surgery?

96. The car exploded a few moments after the collision.

97. I went to the hospital to inquire after his health.

98. If you run after two hares, you will catch neither.

99. He always comes to after a few minutes. Don’t worry.