Sentences with Children, Children in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Children

Sentences with Children, Children in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Children

1. The children eat cake.

2. Children are delicate.

3. All children need care.

4. The children ate candy.

5. You don’t have children.

6. The children are at home.

7. Children resumed playing.

8. Were the children laughing?

9. My children rarely watch TV.

10. Children like to beat drums.

11. They lived here as children.

12. The children like play toys.

13. Out children are a blessing.

14. The children began to laugh.

15. Like parents, like children.

16. They’re intelligent children.

17. The children gathered leaves.

18. They’re intelligent children.

19. The children have glow sticks.

20. This yard is full of children.

21. How many children do you have?

22. Children should obey authority.

23. Children are poor men’s riches.

24. How quickly my children grew up!

25. Children need to be disciplined.

26. The children slid down the bank.

27. Children are playing in the park.

28. The girl brought up two children.

29. The children need to take a bath.

30. The children are blowing bubbles.

31. The children played with magnets.

32. Children, please put on your hats.

33. George is devoted to her children.

34. This book is adapted for children.

35. The children glided down the bank.

36. The children love to play outside.

37. Mom worked with autistic children.

38. He adapted the story for children.

39. Children should obey their parents.

40. The children took a shower in turn.

41. My mother brought up five children.

42. They shampooed the children‘s hair.

43. Children were kept in after school.

44. Run along now, children! I am busy.

45. My children are very precious to me.

46. Children love to play with balloons.

47. Children are studying their lessons.

48. Samuel lost custody of his children.

49. The children were in the school yard.

50. She is friendly towards her children.

51. Teachers helped the children to write.

52. Jack is very severe with his children.

53. The children put their feet in the sea.

54. Children need a happy home environment.

55. The children started running screaming.

56. Her mother is friendly to her children.

57. The children are with their grandmother.

58. I have 3 children, one of whom is a boy.

59. The children came home when it was dusk.

60. Children‘s imagination is very developed.

61. My children wear out their shoes quickly.

62. Children’s imagination is very developed.

63. You shouldn’t be impatient with children.

64. The soul is healed by being with children.

65. This story is too complex for my children.

66. The children haven’t studied division yet.

67. Children are often impatient and restless.

68. Happy is he that is happy in his children.

69. I really like children to watch my movies.

70. Yesterday the children played in the park.

71. All children should benefit from the park.

72. My heart aches for those starving children.

73. You must keep away medicines from children.

74. She advised her children not to be selfish.

75. Young parents often indulge their children.

76. He was strict in disciplining his children.

77. The door swung open and the children ran in.

78. Next week, the children will meet at school.

79. I want my children to have dual citizenship.

80. Steve was given full custody of the children.

81. This is an entertaining program for children.

82. Children must be vaccinated at certain times.

83. Samuel will accompany the children to school.

84. Parents always show their children compassion.

85. Children, I promise you we will see good days.

86. That publisher specialises in children‘s books.

87. Last week, the children drew a rainbow picture.

88. He that has no children knows not what love is.

89. Young children are often fascinated by science.

90. Her husband also wanted custody of the children.

91. She brought oranges for all the children to eat.

92. He’s not competent to look after young children.

93. Some children were playing frisbee near the pond.

94. It is too early for the children to go to school.

95. I love kids and children, and I love being a mom.

96. Children and fools must not play with edged tools.