Sentences with Class, Class in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Class

Sentences with Class, Class in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Class


1. She’s my classmate.

2. I like all my classes.

3. I want to go to class.

4. Classes start tomorrow.

5. Bought globes for class.


6. How was the Spanish class?

7. Samuel was late for class.

8. What’s your favorite class?

9. May I join the class/group?

10. He had a classic education.

11. We must clean our classroom.


12. What time does the class end?

13. She is very selfish in class.

14. I have gone to the classroom.

15. We disinfected the classroom.

16. We do our work in class today.

17. Can I register for that class?

18. How long is the English class?

19. Our class consists of 12 boys.

20. Jessica married her classmate.

21. Alex joined wearily the class.

22. Steve took notes during class.

23. I have to do this before class.

24. When does class begin tomorrow?

25. Reality resists classification.

26. He did not take notes in class.

27. That information is classified.

28. Alex didn’t attend class today.

29. How do you like your new class?

30. Alex didn’t attend class today.

31. 17.We must clean our classroom.

32. Will you come to class tomorrow?

33. The music defied classification.

34. You shouldn’t chew gum in class.

35. How many boys are in this class?

36. We’ll dismiss class early today.

37. Will Alex come to class tomorrow?

38. You must come early to the class.

39. You have to wear uniform in class.

40. Frank is the tallest in our class.

41. Their class has increased in size.

42. He’s the tallest one in the class.

43. When does the aerobics class meet?

44. Alex is the smartest in the class.

45. I’m not good at classifying things.

46. I learned a lot in class yesterday.

47. You must come to classroom on time.

48. I go to a cooking class every week.

49. My classroom is cleaner than yours.

50. He is the dumbest kid in the class.

51. 6.You must come early to the class.

52. He doesn’t even take notes in class.

53. John is a friend of mine from class.

54. He can run the fastest in the class.

55. None of Alex’s classmates liked him.

56. She is very popular in the classroom.

57. 8.You must come to classroom on time.

58. She has sung a song in the classroom.

59. You may sit at the front of the class.

60. The class has been outside for recess.

61. The students in the class were thirsty.

62. This is class everyone will be serious.

63. Everyone in the classroom was coughing.

64. What time does the English class start?

65. Whose notebook was stolen in the class?

66. I wish you wouldn’t smoke in classroom.

67. Please classify these books by subject.

68. Do you know why he skipped class today?

69. He was the tallest student in the class.

70. The teacher entered the class very angry.

71. Dreamers are to be classified as weapons.

72. Alex graduated near the top of his class.

73. Alex represented his class at the meeting.

74. We have been assigned the large classroom.

75. We needed some objects for chemistry class.

76. Steve slipped into the classroom unnoticed.

77. Furthermore, he also failed his math class.

78. George is friendly with all his classmates.

79. Everyone in the class is very good friends.

80. She hates playing tennis with her classmate.