Sentences with Coffee, Coffee in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Coffee

Sentences with Coffee, Coffee in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Coffee


1. There’s no coffee.

2. Does she drink coffee?

3. Can you make me coffee?

4. You spilled your coffee.

5. We’d like my coffee weak.


6. This coffee shop is cozy.

7. Does coffee grow in Brazil?

8. Steve took a sip of coffee.

9. We grind our coffee by hand.

10. I like this blend of coffee.

11. 84.Bring me a cup of coffee.


12. I just made a pot of coffee.

13. Alex is stirring his coffee.

14. I drink coffee every morning.

15. We drink coffee every morning.

16. Is the coffee too hot for you?

17. Could I have some more coffee?

18. Would you like to drink coffee?

19. Samuel sipped his coffee slowly.

20. I have made you a cup of coffee.

21. She drank too much strong coffee.

22. We have made you a cup of coffee.

23. I spilled my coffee on the carpet.

24. Do you want to drink tea or coffee?

25. I made myself coffee in the morning.

26. I would rather have coffee than tea.

27. Do you like to drink coffee outside?

28. Do we prefer drinking tea to coffee ?

29. Would you like to drink tea or coffee?

30. Will the coffee stain ruin the carpet?

31. They would rather drink tea than coffee.

32. I had a cup of coffee at the coffee shop.

33. They were drinking coffee when I arrived.

34. Mark has a large coffee stain on his shirt.

35. Shall we have coffee somewhere after school?

36. How much sugar would you like in your coffee?

37. Would you like sugar and cream in your coffee?

38. Frank likes to dunk his biscuit in his coffee.

39. I’m afraid I spilled coffee on the tablecloth.

40. I had to sip the coffee because it was too hot.

41. I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.

42. They chatted over coffee for more than four hours.

43. They pondered the importance of coffee in silence.

44. Tom filled his stainless steel coffee mug with coffee.

45. My sister stirred the instant coffee and poured in milk.

46. The coffees are cold. Do you want me to bring a new one?