Sentences with Money, Money in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Money

Sentences with Money, Money in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Money

1. Time is money.

2. To roll in money.

3. I want more money.

4. Money begets money.

5. Give me some money.

6. Money has no smell.

7. Their money ran out.

8. My money was stolen.

9. I’ve run out of money.

10. We returned the money.

11. Can you lend me money?

12. I know I owe you money.

13. Did you take the money?

14. Don’t waste your money.

15. We don’t have any money.

16. I lent Steve some money.

17. I don’t need much money.

18. They returned the money.

19. I loaned S all my money.

20. He earns a lot of money.

21. Can money buy happiness?

22. My son has earned money.

23. I don’t talk about money.

24. It’s all about the money.

25. I don’t care about money.

26. Alex’s now short of money.

27. They don’t have any money.

28. I will transfer the money.

29. He donated a lot of money.

30. It’s money down the drain.

31. I never received the money.

32. We didn’t spend much money.

33. Money often costs too much.

34. It is wrong to steal money.

35. Muck and money go together.

36. You should save some money.

37. We’re running out of money.

38. How much money have you got?

39. That is money down the drain.

40. I earn less money than a cop.

41. How much money did you spend?

42. He is generous with his money.

43. I want a money back guarantee.

44. Remember that credit is money.

45. The money is at your disposal.

46. Money doesn’t talk, it swears.

47. I have no money at the moment.

48. I need some money to buy a car.

49. He lost all his money gambling.

50. I paid the repairman his money.

51. I must spend my money sparingly.

52. Money: power at its most liquid.

53. I could use a little more money.

54. We divided the money between us.

55. You do not borrow money from me.

56. I don’t actually have any money.

57. He donated all the money he had.

58. She will try to earn more money.

59. I paid him the money due to him.

60. All money is a matter of belief.

61. Business is other people’s money.

62. Money is a mechanism for control.

63. I lent my girl friend some money.

64. Money cannot compensate for life.

65. Have you already taken the money?

66. She needed the money desperately.

67. I have put the money on the table.

68. He agreed because he had no money.

69. There is a lot of money in my bag.

70. I have got some money in my purse.

71. She slid the money into my pocket.

72. I asked her to lend me some money.

73. I’ll be saving money for a new car.

74. I earned a lot of money this month.

75. I earn less money than a policeman.

76. He that has no money needs no purse.

77. My Vegas act is how I make my money.

78. I think everything depends on money.