Sentences with Conjunction FOR, Conjunction FOR in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Conjunction FOR

Sentences with Conjunction FOR, Conjunction FOR in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Conjunction FOR

1. I asked for info.

2. Hay is for horses.

3. What’s for dinner?

4. I baked it for you.

5. Prepare for combat.

6. I feel bad for them.

7. I would die for you.

8. Measure for measure.

9. I kept this for you.

10. I won’t stand for it.

11. Dad will cook for us.

12. Get that book for me.

13. Will you wait for me?

14. I don’t care for wine.

15. Sorry, for being late.

16. Sit down for a second.

17. I’ve trained for this.

18. I’ll check it for you.

19. We posed for pictures.

20. Buy it for me, please.

21. This spoon is for soup.

22. I’m sorry for the mess.

23. I can’t speak for Alex.

24. I studied for one hour.

25. Alex applied for a job.

26. You were made for this!

27. I’ll pay for it myself.

28. I’m leaving for Madrid.

29. She can’t cook for you.

30. I slept for nine hours.

31. I mistook him for Alex.

32. She’s correct for sure.

33. Hiding is for amateurs.

34. This house is for rent.

35. He asked for my advice.

36. I thank you for coming.

37. I’ll ask for directions.

38. It must be hard for you.

39. She posed for a drawing.

40. Thanks for the feedback.

41. Frank made for the exit.

42. Bought globes for class.

43. Thank you for saving us.

44. I’m ready for breakfast.

45. I have no ear for music.

46. He has an ear for music.

47. Samuel went for a drive.

48. They did not clap for us.

49. We pray for her recovery.

50. I was no match for Steve.

51. This is for your benefit.

52. I didn’t knit it for him.

53. I bought glue for school.

54. I didn’t knit it for her.

55. I have a present for you.

56. This job calls for skill.

57. You should run for mayor.

58. Asked for a bigger table.

59. They are eager for peace.

60. Can you order one for me?

61. They traveled for months.

62. I was waiting for a taxi.

63. I didn’t knit it for him.

64. I’d love to sing for you.

65. Wait for the cat to jump.

66. I’m affectionate for you.

67. Gasoline is used for fuel.

68. I may be gone for a while.

69. You’re asking for trouble.

70. It’s enough for five days.

71. We don’t know for certain.

72. I’m waiting for the ferry.

73. We could meet for a drink.

74. You have a feast for tuna?

75. Please, forgive me for my…

76. Thank you for your letter.

77. The girl begged for mercy.

78. What do you eat for lunch?

79. I pray daily… for peace.

80. Thank you for inviting us.

81. Can you cash these for me?

82. Samuel was late for class.

83. Thanks for the compliment.

84. Pam was banished for life.

85. I will be waiting for you.

86. To lay by for a rainy day.

87. Thank you for cooperating.

88. I wasn’t prepared for this.

89. Thank you for the donation.

90. I ate butter for breakfast.

91. Shall we go out for a walk?

92. This data is for my thesis.

93. Frank asked for directions.

94. I asked for their approval.

95. Jace pondered for a moment.

96. Kevin called a taxi for me.

97. I apologize for being late.

98. Shall I ask Peter for help?

99. Sorry for the interruption.

100. He will donate for orphans.

101. Alex is ready for anything.

102. Can you call a taxi for me?

103. Will you be waiting for me?

104. Thanks for the good advice.

105. You could go out for relax.

106. Take this one, for example.

107. Pam spoke for the homeless.

108. Let me spell it out for you.

109. I knitted a sweater for Tom.

110. Can you page someone for me?

111. My mom baked cookies for me.

112. He gave a loud cry for help.

113. Thanks for your explanation.

114. This is a forum for readers.

115. Send for the doctor at once.

116. Did we make a cake for you ?

117. I have a small gift for you.

118. Steve yourselves for impact.

119. I’m dying for frozen yogurt.

120. Exercise is vital for a dog.

121. My mother asked me for help.

122. I might be gone for a while.

123. Milk is good for you to eat.

124. We rested there for an hour.

125. Food is fuel for our bodies.

126. We have great hopes for you.

127. Purchased it for me, please.

128. Pam thanked me for the gift.

129. I want to pay for this meal.

130. You must apply for that job.

131. Thank you for your courtesy.

132. Can you be serious for once?

133. I have no aptitude for this.

134. I have a suggestion for you.

135. He has gone, sorry for that.

136. I’m head over heels for you.

137. All aboard for one last trip.

138. It is time for you to get up.

139. Frank was arrested for theft.

140. He is going to run for mayor.

141. Let’s rest for a few minutes.

142. Are you all set for the trip?

143. I work for a trading company.

144. Alex appealed to us for help.

145. I was always hungry for love.

146. He exchanged yen for dollars.

147. I’m sorry for making you cry.

148. I’ll apply for the job today.

149. I gazed at the sea for hours.

150. Let’s throw a party for Alex.

151. The ship set sail for Bombay.

152. I’m preparing dinner for you.

153. Please translate this for me?

154. That’s all we can do for now.

155. She is cooking for my sister.

156. I kept the seat warm for you.

157. They all posed for a picture.

158. How long did you wait for us?

159. Mark has set off for America.

160. You are my reason for living.

161. Steve applied for a passport.

162. She squeezed a lemon for tea.

163. I need paper for the printer.

164. We must allow for some delay.

165. I’m waiting for a phone call.

166. We weren’t prepared for this.

167. Let’s rest for a few minutes.

168. 56.Please join me for dinner.

169. They are liable for the debt.

170. I will not be waiting for you.

171. Ask the waitress for the menu.

172. I’m picking up Alex for lunch.

173. You have to pay for utilities.

174. I’m picking up Alex for lunch.

175. Sure, they fought for freedom.

176. Samuel applied for a passport.

177. I wandered around for a while.

178. I’ll heat up the soup for you.

179. We need accommodation for six.

180. This size is too large for me.

181. Steve made up for the deficit.

182. I was the one looking for you.

183. The pen is a tool for writing.

184. I baked these cookies for you.

185. It’s time for your medication.

186. You should apply for that job.

187. Is the coffee too hot for you?

188. Alex stepped out for a minute.