Sentences with Do and Does, Do and Does in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Do and Does

Sentences with Do and Does, Do and Does in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Do and Does

1. I do too.

2. Let’s do it!

3. Don’t do that!

4. Do you hear me?

5. Do I know Alex?

6. Do his bidding.

7. Do not disturb!

8. Do I dazzle you?

9. I can’t undo it.

10. I’ll do my best.

11. Do you want ink?

12. Who do you mean?

13. You’ll do great.

14. You’ll do great!

15. How do you feel?

16. When do we leave?

17. What do you want?

18. Note how I do it.

19. Do your homework!

20. You do not yield.

21. What do you need?

22. Do believe in me.

23. I do beseech you.

24. 92.Do not give up.

25. Do pigs like milk?

26. Do you bind books?

27. Do you want proof?

28. Where do you live?

29. I can’t do it now.

30. Do you understand?

31. Do you still care?

32. 50.Do the laundry.

33. What do you think?

34. Do you drink water?

35. Do you want garlic?

36. Do you like pepper?

37. I do not want this.

38. Do they talk a lot?

39. Do you eat carrots?

40. Where do they work?

41. 146.Do your chores!

42. How do you feel now?

43. Do you like carrots?

44. Do you keep a diary?

45. Do they talk a lot ?

46. Do these bugs sting?

47. Do you slice apples?

48. Do you have a fever?

49. I want to do my job.

50. Don’t let Tom do it.

51. Do you eat biscuits?

52. Do you have the pen?

53. I must do some work.

54. Let’s do it tonight.

55. What do you believe?

56. Do you like bowling?

57. Do you want to rest?

58. Why do you say that?

59. I do love this sport.

60. I might just do that.

61. Do you like biscuits?

62. Why do you permit it?

63. Do your homework now.

64. Do you eat ice cream?

65. Will she do it again?

66. Do you need anything?

67. Do you agree with me?

68. He would do anything.

69. Do you think I’m fat?

70. Do you look your age?

71. Do you have any cash?

72. Mary, Come on, do it.

73. What time do you work?

74. Do the elevators work?

75. Do you want a massage?

76. Do we know each other?

77. You must do your best.

78. How much do I owe you?

79. Do you have any plans?

80. May I do it right now?

81. Do you live near here?

82. Do you like spaghetti?

83. Do you have a receipt?

84. How would you do that?

85. Do you play the piano?

86. Do you think I’m ugly?

87. I do love my new pets.

88. I do believe in myself.

89. Do you want the powder?

90. What do you want to do?

91. Do you want some water?

92. Do you know what it is?

93. Do these insects sting?

94. Do you want to risk it?

95. Birds do not like milk.

96. Do I contradict myself?

97. Hey! Do you look ahead?

98. Do you have a favorite?

99. Do you drink green tea?

100. Much ado about nothing.

101. Do you want to join us?

102. I will not do this job.

103. How do you get to work?

104. Do you really envy her?

105. Do you study chemistry?

106. Do you have a teaspoon?

107. I want to do something.

108. What seats do you want?

109. Do you see the portrait?

110. Do you have a timetable?

111. Do you agree with Frank?

112. Does he have to do that?

113. What time do you get up?

114. How do do this to you?

115. Why do you wear a watch?

116. We could do it together.

117. Do you have any comment?

118. Do you really need that?

119. How do you go to school?

120. Do you talk to your dog?

121. When do you return home?

122. Do you know who made it?

123. What shall I do with it?

124. Do all things with love.

125. How do I report a theft?

126. Do you see those coming?

127. I have to do my homework.

128. Do we have grated cheese?

129. Do you object to my idea?

130. Samuel dared me to do it.

131. Do you ever have a fever?

132. Do you want to stay here?

133. Do you have a paper clip?

134. I must do this right now!

135. How well do you know Tom?

136. Do not cross your limits.

137. Did you do your homework?

138. Do you have a girlfriend?

139. Do air conditioners work?

140. What do you want from me?

141. All I do is think of you.

142. Do more than dream: work.

143. Do you need an ambulance?

144. Just do what you do best.

145. How do you get to school?

146. We’ll do the best we can.

147. Why do I have to do that?


1. It doesn’t matter

2. Does she know you?

3. Does it taste good?

4. Does Alex know yet?

5. Does your dog bite?

6. Alex doesn’t smile.

7. Does she work here?

8. Does he play tennis?

9. How Does Solar Work?

10. What does Alex need?

11. What does Angela do?

12. What does it matter?

13. He does sports daily.

14. Dog does not eat dog.

15. Michael doesn’t work.

16. Does he go to school?

17. Who doesn’t think so?

18. How much does it cost?

19. He doesn’t teach math.

20. That dog doesn’t bite.

21. Does she drink coffee?

22. It doesn’t seem to fit.

23. Does he write an email?

24. Talk doesn’t cook rice.

25. Does she live in Paris?

26. How much does it cost ?

27. Does Jack play football?

28. Samuel doesn’t trust us.

29. Where does he come from?

30. Does he have to do that?

31. Does milk spoil quickly?

32. Does she live in London?

33. It doesn’t matter, right?

34. This piece doesn’t match.

35. Does Alex have gray hair?

36. She does not play tennis.

37. He doesn’t work anywhere.

38. Barking does seldom bite.

39. Doesn’t Steve like girls?

40. Doesn’t Mary look pretty?

41. Where does it leave from?

42. What does your father do?

43. Where does this piece go?

44. Good counsel does no harm.

45. It just doesn’t seem fair.

46. He does his homework well.

47. Alex does weight training.

48. Wow, he doesn’t know much!

49. Alex doesn’t want to move.

50. He does not need help now.

51. Does the room have a bath?

52. It doesn’t get any easier.

53. It doesn’t need much milk.

54. Does anybody have a match?

55. This doesn’t look too bad.

56. Samuel doesn’t belong here.

57. It doesn’t sound like much.

58. She doesn’t shave her legs.

59. She doesn’t use a computer.

60. Does coffee grow in Brazil?

61. Steve doesn’t like carrots.

62. My cell phone doesn’t work.

63. Why doesn’t Frank help you?

64. Does she want many dresses?

65. It doesn’t sound like much.

66. Success doesn’t come easily.

67. She doesn’t teach chemistry.

68. When does your plane depart?

69. Steve doesn’t want to leave.

70. What does he do on off days?

71. Alex doesn’t share his food.

72. Doesn’t that make you happy?

73. What does availability mean?

74. Does this cap belong to you?

75. Frank doesn’t look deterred.

76. John does not write an essay

77. What time does the class end?

78. How much oil does Paris need?

79. Cheese doesn’t digest easily.

80. Doesn’t that bolt seem loose?

81. This does not make any sense.

82. Doesn’t that bolt seem loose?

83. She clearly does not mean it.

84. Alex doesn’t like modern art.

85. How soon does the show begin?

86. My father does seem innocent.

87. My head doesn’t ache anymore.

88. My daughter does the laundry.

89. That doesn’t fit the pattern.

90. 69.Samuel doesn’t play soccer.

91. Money doesn’t talk, it swears.

92. Does that mean I’m in trouble?

93. Does the Sun circle the Earth?

94. What time does boarding begin?

95. When does Rita usually get up?

96. What does this reminds you of?

97. How much does this knife cost?

98. My father doesn’t fit in here.

99. Where does all this come from?

100. No man fails who does his best.

101. Where does Alex want you to go?

102. Does this bus go to the museum?

103. Fate does not seek our consent.

104. What time does the movie start?

105. Frank doesn’t like controversy.

106. He doesn’t allow interruptions.

107. How does this application work?

108. She speaks faster than he does.

109. Smoking does damage your lungs.

110. When does class begin tomorrow?

111. Handsome is that handsome does.

112. She doesn’t visit much anymore.

113. John doesn’t live in Manchester.

114. Steve doesn’t want to negotiate.

115. George doesn’t smile very often.

116. This really doesn’t concern you.

117. This matter doesn’t concern you.

118. How often does Mary play hockey?

119. George still doesn’t understand.

120. I hope Samuel doesn’t read this.

121. What time does my flight depart?

122. What does he cook for breakfast?

123. She doesn’t see Peter every day.

124. Jim doesn’t altogether trust me.

125. This matter doesn’t concern you.

126. Samuel doesn’t want to be a hero.

127. The train does not leave at 9 AM.

128. How much does Steve earn a month?

129. She does not care for me anymore.

130. We know that he doesn’t eat meat.

131. It doesn’t sound very appetizing.

132. If it doesn’t rain, let’s go out.

133. Samuel doesn’t know how to dance.

134. How often does it rain in Madrid?

135. My father doesn’t approve of her.

136. He doesn’t like sour food at all.

137. Alex doesn’t usually wear pajamas.

138. Does this outfit make me look fat?