Sentences with Going, Going in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Going

Sentences with Going, Going in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Going


1. You were going.

2. We aren’t going.

3. They were going.

4. What’s going on?

5. I’m going aboard.


6. They weren’t going.

7. Are you going along?

8. We’re going jogging.

9. Where are you going?

10. We are going to eat.

11. I’m going to say no.


12. Are we going to lose?

13. I’m going to see you.

14. I’m going to turn in.

15. We’re going to crash.

16. They are going inside.

17. I’m going to go check.

18. I’m going to go shave.

19. I’m going to hurt you.

20. I’m going to lie down.

21. I’m going to go check.

22. I’m going to help you.

23. We’re going to be fine.

24. I am going to go check.

25. I’m going back to work.

26. It’s going to be great.

27. I’m going to take a nap.

28. I am going to Spain too.

29. I guess I should be going

30. How about going swimming?

31. I’m going to the library.

32. Who’s going to wear them?

33. I’m going to hit the hay.

34. She is not going with you.

35. I am going back to cinema.

36. You are going to be great!

37. Where are we going anyway?

38. We’re going to be rescued.

39. Where are you going to be?

40. We were not going to swim.

41. Nothing’s going to happen.

42. I’m going to hit the sack.

43. I am going to have to run.

44. I’m going out this evening.

45. We are going to school now.

46. I’m going jogging tomorrow.

47. I am going to cook tonight.

48. I’m going to go inside now.

49. The flu is going around now.

50. You are going to be amazing!

51. They’re going to destroy it.

52. I’m not going to wear a tie.

53. Aren’t you going to protest?

54. I’m going to brush my teeth.

55. They’re going to destroy it.

56. Nobody’s going to blame you.

57. The discussions are ongoing.

58. I’m going to get your pills.

59. I’m going to fly to the moon.

60. I’m going to the post office.

61. He is going to run for mayor.

62. Hey! Are you going to school?