Sentences with His, His in a Sentence in English, Sentences For His

Sentences with His, His in a Sentence in English, Sentences For His

1. Do his bidding.

2. I envy his life.

3. This is his car.

4. He bowed his head.

5. Tom kept his cool.

6. Alex hugged his dog.

7. Alex bowed his head.

8. He laid on his back.

9. He averted his gaze.

10. He dragged his feet.

11. He cleaned his claws.

12. Mud got on his pants.

13. Did you take his pen?

14. Alex put his arms out.

15. Steve shut his laptop.

16. Steve rubbed his eyes.

17. Every dog has his day.

18. Alex adjusted his tie.

19. Steve banged his knee.

20. Alex raised his voice.

21. He must be on his way.

22. He has broken his leg.

23. Alex shut his notebook.

24. Steve covered his eyes.

25. Every man to his taste.

26. The boy keeps his word.

27. I envied his new house.

28. Frank skinned his knee.

29. Don’t rely on his help.

30. George slit his wrists.

31. Samuel downed his beer.

32. He wore his pink shirt.

33. Alex spilled his drink.

34. Hank skinned his elbow.

35. Alex is past his prime.

36. Alex brushed his teeth.

37. Alex sprang to his feet.

38. Frank opened his laptop.

39. The boy rubbed his feet.

40. Steve took off his coat.

41. Samuel closed his mouth.

42. He’s cleaning his rifle.

43. Every Jack has his Jill.

44. John laid down his arms.

45. Steve put on his helmet.

46. Alex slashed his wrists.

47. Steve twisted his ankle.

48. I didn’t catch his name.

49. She refused his proposal.

50. Every man has his faults.

51. Mark handed in his paper.

52. Alex looked at his watch.

53. Alex took off his helmet.

54. Steve sprained his wrist.

55. It is right up his alley.

56. He lifted his hat kindly.

57. Steve is waving his arms.

58. Steve has given his word.

59. My son brushed his teeth.

60. He took his ink and left.

61. The boy adjusted his cap.

62. He opened his mouth wide.

63. He confessed all his sins.

64. Alex entered his password.

65. He shrugged his shoulders.

66. The king went to his room.

67. Alex reached out his hand.

68. I saw him washing his car.

69. How will he pay his debts?

70. The pin had bled his hand.

71. He dreamed about his home.

72. I can’t remember his name.

73. The crow spread his wings.

74. Pam handed him his jacket.

75. Alex ripped off his shirt.

76. Alex lost his credibility.

77. Steve confessed his guilt.

78. Frank tapped his brochure.

79. Alex named his son Samuel.

80. The cops searched his car.

81. He adores his grandfather.

82. Steve admitted his defeat.

83. My son tidied up his room.

84. He does his homework well.

85. The driver tipped his cap.

86. The boy emptied his glass.

87. My brother held his breath.

88. Alex spied on his roommate.

89. Steve got his suit altered.

90. He has her under his thumb.

91. Frank rubbed his sore feet.

92. Steve is folding his shirt.

93. Steve achieved his purpose.

94. Steve glanced at his watch.

95. My father is in his office.

96. I had to decline his offer.

97. Some object to his opinion.

98. Steve chased after his cat.

99. Alex trimmed his moustache.

100. I dote on his very absence.

101. Steve leaned on his elbows.

102. He forgot his flute at home.

103. Alex is folding his laundry.