Sentences with ing, ing in a Sentence in English, Sentences For ing

Sentences with ing, ing in a Sentence in English, Sentences For ing

1. Bring backup.

2. Smoking stinks.

3. What’s going on?

4. I’m going aboard.

5. Is everything OK?

6. I‘m not faking it.

7. Are you saying no?

8. 121.Ring the bell.

9. I am cooking dinner

10. Is everything cool?

11. I’m being sensible.

12. I was being ironic.

13. Am I confusing you?

14. I was feeling sick.

15. I’m hopping a ride.

16. I am not taking it!

17. I’m trying to quit.

18. I’m walking my dog.

19. Sing a song with me.

20. I am reading a book.

21. Nothing feels right.

22. Stop playing around.

23. We’re being audited.

24. I’m not backing out.

25. You’re poisoning me.

26. You’re confusing me.

27. I’m eating an apple.

28. I’m freaking hungry!

29. Are you going along?

30. What’s stopping you?

31. We are going to eat.

32. I am writing a note.

33. It’s getting chilly.

34. You’re acting funny.

35. It was getting dark.

36. No flying from fate.

37. I was eating apples.

38. Frank is testing me.

39. I’m dealing with it.

40. Are you hustling me?

41. We’re going jogging.

42. I hate being single.

43. Running out of time.

44. I’m going to say no.

45. I am counting on you.

46. I’m going to turn in.

47. I’m feeling stressed.

48. We were drinking tea.

49. I am washing clothes.

50. Coming here in April.

51. I love reading books.

52. I will be loving you.

53. We’re being detained.

54. I’m not making it up.

55. I’m going to see you.

56. They are running now.

57. It’s raining heavily.

58. I am driving to work.

59. Alex is acting weird.

60. I’m calling the cops.

61. Time was running out.

62. We’re going to crash.

63. Are we going to lose?

64. She was drinking tea.

65. Oil is running short.

66. You’re making a mess.

67. Alex is working fast.

68. I’m just hanging out.

69. I sleep during lunch.

70. We’re having a blast.

71. You’re behaving oddly.

72. Frank is graying fast.

73. I’m just being honest.

74. Will you be loving me?

75. Let’s sing some songs.

76. Is it raining outside?

77. He was acting foolish.

78. She is reading a book.

79. I’m not placing blame.

80. I was just tidying up.

81. Are you dreading this?

82. I am studying English.

83. How interesting he is!

84. Nothing else happened.

85. He was breathing fast.

86. Tim is throwing rocks.

87. What is noncoding DNA?

88. Are you doing fitness?

89. Sewing is manual work.

90. You’re being detained.

91. We’re counting on you.

92. She isn’t living here.

93. I need sleeping pills.

94. She is watching movie.

95. I’m going to go shave.

96. I’m going to help you.

97. Let sleeping dogs lie.

98. Were they watching TV?

99. I’m going to go check.

100. He’s eating lunch now.

101. We’re counting on you.

102. Pam has stunning legs.

103. Alex is sending a fax.

104. Shivering and sighing.

105. Susan is leaving here.

106. I’m going to hurt you.

107. Sorry, for being late.

108. Alex is being watched.

109. I know everything now.

110. They’re tempting fate.

111. I’m going to lie down.

112. I am harvesting wheat.

113. Bring the kids inside.

114. I’m not giving up yet.

115. I’m going to go check.

116. I’m not sleeping well.

117. I am folding my dress.

118. They are going inside.

119. Something smells good.

120. My feet are killing me.

121. We’re going to be fine.

122. The meeting dragged on.

123. I am going to go check.

124. I’m leaving for Madrid.

125. You’re making progress.

126. I’m going back to work.

127. I’m having a rough day.

128. Stop saying no offense.

129. I am helping my father.

130. It’s going to be great.

131. I was watching TV then.

132. You’re wasting my time.

133. Are you taking the bet?

134. I’m not making this up.