Sentences with Just, Just in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Just

Sentences with Just, Just in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Just


1. I just miss you.

2. It just vanished.

3. He just asked you.

4. I just made it up.

5. I’m busy just now.


6. I was just reading.

7. It was just an idea.

8. I just don’t buy it.

9. I just brewed a pot.

10. I just don’t buy it.

11. I just want to rest.


12. The phone just rang.

13. I just picked it up.

14. Please, just get up.

15. I just threw it away.

16. I’m just hanging out.

17. Could you just hurry?

18. I just cracked a rib.

19. I might just do that.

20. I’m just being honest.

21. I was just tidying up.

22. Steve just got dumped.

23. My room is just below.

24. I’m just a taxi driver.

25. Alex’s just an amateur.

26. I slept just two hours.

27. Frank is just adorable.

28. Alex just contacted us.

29. It was just an example.

30. I was just speculating.

31. I just touched a snake.

32. That’s just speculation.

33. I like my job just fine.

34. I have just eaten lunch.

35. This is just speculation.

36. I just needed directions.

37. He just barely succeeded.

38. I slept just three hours.

39. I’m just here to observe.

40. Steve is just an amateur.

41. This is just a hypothesis.

42. I just feel like relaxing.

43. It just doesn’t seem fair.

44. He has just scored a goal.

45. Did I just see you litter?

46. I’m just a little nervous.

47. I could just refuse to go.

48. I’m just a little nervous.

49. I’m just stating the facts.

50. I think it just might work.

51. It’s probably just a phase.

52. It’s just your imagination.

53. It’s just your imagination.

54. We can’t just give it away.

55. I just saw a very cute cat.

56. I am just a humble teacher.

57. I just want a clear answer.

58. I just made a pot of coffee.

59. I just wanted clarification.

60. My luggage has just arrived.

61. Beauty is not just physical.

62. I just want to be wonderful.

63. We brought one just in case.

64. We were just saying goodbye.

65. Nate and Mari just broke up.

66. Can’t we all just get along?

67. Why don’t you just apologize?

68. Why don’t you just tell Alex?

69. I just wanted to say goodbye.

70. I’m just a concerned citizen.

71. I’m just a concerned citizen.

72. Can I just make a suggestion?

73. I’m just tired of standing up.

74. My sister has just turned ten.

75. Something just occurred to me.

76. I just want to be magnificent.

77. I’m just tired of standing up.

78. She lives just across from us.

79. There’s just one tiny problem.

80. I’m just not attracted to you.

81. I just went to check something.

82. I’m just sitting here relaxing.

83. Why are you just sitting there?

84. Mr. George has just called you.

85. I’m just trying to be thorough.

86. Our profits were just on paper.

87. The play has only just started.

88. Easter feasts are just bad luck.

89. I’m just thinking out loud here.

90. You can’t just sit here all day.

91. Don’t ask questions, just do it.

92. I just retired a few months ago.

93. Mary just sang a beautiful song.

94. I just got kicked out of school.

95. Have you just finished homework?

96. We’re just high school students.

97. Life is warped. I’m just in sync.

98. They moved in just the other day.

99. I just got over a severe illness.

100. I just dropped in to say goodbye.