Sentences with Modify, Modify in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Modify

Sentences with Modify, Modify in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Modify

1. To modify is to change or transform, but only slightly.

2. You’ll have to modify the height of the table to make it fit.

3. We all are learning, modifying, or destroying ideas all the time.

4. Never use an adverb to modify the verb “said”…he admonished gravely.

5. His work modifies our conception of the past, as it will modify the future.

6. When you pray for anyone you tend to modify your personal attitude toward him.

7. Because we don’t store amino acids, our bodies make them in two different ways: either from scratch, or by modifying others.

8. One thing is sure. We have to do something. We have to do the best we know how at the moment… If it doesn’t turn out right, we can modify it as we go along.

9. Although you may not always be able to avoid difficult situations, you can modify the extent to which you can suffer by how you choose to respond to the situation.

10. The traditional Christian attitude toward human personality was that human nature was essentially good and that it was formed and modified by social pressures and training.

11. I’d sit at my kitchen table and start scanning help-wanted ads on my laptop, but then a browser tab would blink and I’d get distracted and follow a link to a long magazine article about genetically modified wine grapes.

12. Therefore I feel that the aforementioned guiding principle must be modified to read: If you desire peace, cultivate justice, but at the same time cultivate the fields to produce more bread otherwise there will be no peace.