Sentences with Must, Must in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Must

Sentences with Must, Must in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Must

1. I must go.

2. I must protest.

3. I must go home.

4. You must comply.

5. It must be true.

6. You must return.

7. They must speak.

8. It must be there.

9. I must warn them.

10. We must sit down.

11. We must withdraw.

12. I must stay here.

13. They must be cops.

14. That must be awful.

15. You must stop here.

16. You must let me in.

17. It must be snowing.

18. 14.It must be there.

19. You must keep quiet.

20. That must be Samuel.

21. I must do some work.

22. They must pay taxes.

23. You must stay awake.

24. You must be new here.

25. You must be starving.

26. You must be mistaken.

27. It must be 2 o’clock.

28. You must not come in.

29. They must be worried.

30. I must get some sleep.

31. You must do your best.

32. I must study tomorrow.

33. He must be over fifty.

34. He must be on his way.

35. What must be, must be.

36. I must repay my debts.

37. This must be the place.

38. There must be a chance.

39. We must be leaving now.

40. We must get up at dawn.

41. We must alter our plan.

42. I must study next week.

43. That must‘ve been hard.

44. 4.You must be mistaken.

45. You must eat your food.

46. Samuel grew a mustache.

47. You must make a choice.

48. You must eat something.

49. Alex must get up early.

50. I must’ve misplaced it.

51. Frank must be studying.

52. She must be an English.

53. We must help each other.

54. 13.You must not come in.

55. He must be drinking tea.

56. You must pay your taxes.

57. They must study English.

58. It must be hard for you.

59. She must be watching TV.

60. They must not lose hope.

61. They must start at once.

62. She must not disturb me.

63. The car must be driving.

64. We must have been crazy!

65. Must you make that noise?

66. You must drive carefully.

67. 15.I must study tomorrow.

68. I must be losing my mind.

69. I must go to bed earlier.

70. I must do this right now!

71. Every member must attend.

72. I must say I’m flattered.

73. 19.He must be over fifty.

74. We must repair the damage.

75. We must observe the rules.

76. That must have been awful.

77. You must swallow the pill.

78. They must follow the rules.

79. Steve must have made it up.

80. You must be less impatient.

81. I must return the book now.

82. 16.She must not disturb me.