Sentences with Nor, Nor in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Nor

Sentences with Nor, Nor in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Nor


1. Neither here nor there.

2. Neither fish nor flesh.

3. Alex can’t see nor hear.

4. Neither rhyme nor reason.

5. It’s neither good nor bad.


6. I am neither rich nor famous.

7. 144.I neither read nor study.

8. Neither a borrower nor a lender be.

9. My sister neither drinks nor smokes.

10. The school neither opens nor closes.

11. He ate neither fruit nor vegetables.


12. We are not rich, nor do We wish to be.

13. Neither Mark nor his wife is very tall.

14. They can neither speak nor write French.

15. I know not age, nor weariness nor defeat.

16. Neither India nor England won the series.

17. My father neither repairs nor washes cars.

18. Neither we nor anyone else can do this job.

19. I will wear neither black nor blue trousers.

20. Neither the girls nor the boys acted wisely.

21. There is nor flying hence nor tarrying here.

22. 145.Neither you nor I like to watch TV series.

23. You can have neither a pastry nor a cheesecake.

24. 146.Neither we nor anyone else can do this job.

25. This news will be neither good nor bad for him.

26. Neither the employees nor the boss was at work.

27. 89.Neither her mother nor her father loves her.

28. Her sister is neither intelligent nor beautiful.

29. Neither you nor he can enter this house anymore.

30. They had neither laughed nor reacted to my joke.

31. He will travel neither by subways nor by flights.

32. Neither my friends nor the bookstore has the book.

33. Fear cannot be without hope nor hope without fear.

34. She neither expressed nor felt sorry for her loss.

35. That older man can neither walk nor talk properly.

36. Neither the blue shirt nor the black jeans suit me.

37. Neither Mark nor Mary were at the school yesterday.

38. Neither my father nor my mother went to university.

39. The train will come neither late nor early in Japan.

40. Believe not all that you see nor half what you hear.

41. Neither the sun nor death can be looked at steadily.

42. She can neither make cookies nor pasta for all of us.

43. His brother’s bike colour is neither white nor brown.

44. Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular.

45. I will neither forget nor forgive you for this mistake.

46. Neither the villagers nor the policemen passed this way.

47. Students at school neither study nor behave respectfully.