Sentences with Please, Please in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Please

Sentences with Please, Please in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Please


1. Here please!

2. Please quiet!

3. Please give in.

4. Please Stand up!

5. 87.Please leave.


6. Be brief, please.

7. Copy this please.

8. Crib this please.

9. Please don’t panic.

10. Quiet down, please.

11. Please hurry it up.


12. Please repair this.

13. Please, help me now!

14. Please correct that.

15. Please buy me a dog!

16. Please, just get up.

17. May I go out please?

18. 140.Please be quiet.

19. 59.Don’t go, please.

20. Please move quickly.

21. Please think it over.

22. Please start writing.

23. Please say something.

24. Come with me, please.

25. Please lock the safe.

26. Please shut the door.

27. Please upload a file.

28. Please scale the fish.

29. Please close the door.

30. Buy it for me, please.

31. Keep in touch, please.

32. Please take your time.

33. Please grant me a loan.

34. Search the car, please.

35. Hey, Bite down, please.

36. Please put on your hat.

37. Please turn off the TV.

38. Please clean the board.

39. Please send an vehicle.

40. Open your eyes, please.

41. Please don’t do leap in.

42. Don’t come here, please.

43. Please don’t touch this.

44. Please listen carefully.

45. Can you help me, please?

46. Give me the book please!

47. Please check my profile.

48. Please lend me this pen.

49. Please insert your card.

50. Please answer the phone.

51. Close your eyes, please.

52. Please contact me later.

53. Can we please focus here?

54. Please hang up the phone.

55. Please give me a blanket.

56. Please make up your mind.

57. 52.Please, don’t come in.

58. Please speak more slowly.

59. Hold on a moment, please.

60. 1.Please grant me a loan.

61. Could you help me please?

62. Please, fry me some eggs.

63. Please tell Mary to wait.

64. Please be kind to others.

65. Please, cut the potatoes.

66. Please don’t laugh at me.

67. Please explain the delay.

68. Please fill out this form.

69. 44.Please join us to talk.

70. Please don’t scream at me.

71. Please chat me in English.

72. Please, forgive me for my…

73. 38.Please grant me a loan.

74. 64.Please grant me a loan.

75. Please, send me a message.

76. Don’t hang up yet, please.

77. Could you spell it please?

78. Please sit down, Mr. Alex.

79. Please empty your pockets!

80. Would you please be polite?

81. Not so much pepper, please.

82. Please tell them the truth.

83. Pass me the pepper, please.

84. Can I see the room, please?

85. Please send me a catalogue.

86. Please don’t call the cops.

87. May I please open the door?

88. Please sign your name here.

89. Where is the toilet please?

90. Can I see the menu, please?

91. Could you spell it, please?

92. Please identify yourselves.

93. I’d like a receipt, please.

94. Please pay at the register.

95. Please put it on the scale.

96. Can you please repeat that?

97. Fill out this form, please.

98. Please focus on the details.

99. Roll up your sleeve, please.

100. May I have the menu, please?

101. Can I use your book, please?

102. Please turn down the volume.

103. Can I have some tea, please?

104. Smile at the camera, please!

105. Please accept my sympathies.