Sentences with Region, Region in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Region

Sentences with Region, Region in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Region


1. Cotton is grown in this region.

2. We consider the issue regionally.

3. Tobacco is produced in this region.

4. We need to solve regional problems.

5. Regional problems have always existed.


6. Use regional dialect, patois, sparingly.

7. This spice is used a lot in this region.

8. Education is given importance in this region.

9. The region has never been inhabited by people.

10. Fried spiders are a regional delicacy in Cambodia.

11. In the past, there were many miners in this region.


12. The rates of mosque attendance vary widely depending on the region.

13. Often these colloquialisms are spoken with a distinctive regional accent.

14. There are a lot of poor students in need of help in the schools in this region.

15. Infrastructure is the basic facilities and system serving a country, region, or community.

16. Faulkner wrote what I suppose could be called regional literature and had it published all over the world.

17. When I get the morning report on security, I call those battalions in the regions where there are problems.

18. The term is not very specific, but in some regions a more precise definition is given, which may include one or two axes of symmetry.

19. The need for peace in Northern Ireland goes well beyond political stability. It now speaks to regional Europe and even global stability.

20. Regional differences vanish. All differences vanish. In a mass-media world, there’s less of everything except the top ten books, records, movies, ideas.

21. Turkey wants a policy of engagement exactly like President Obama’s new approach. Policy of engagement, less confrontation, less tense attitude, especially in the region.

22. The link between peace and stability on the one hand, and social and economic growth on the other, is dialectic. Peace, poverty, and backwardness cannot mix in one region.

23. The question is the morning after. What sort of Iraq do we wake up to after the bombing? What happens in the region? What impact could it have? These are questions leaders I have spoken to have posed.

24. Even in India the Hindi film industry might be the best known but there are movies made in other regional languages in India, be it Tamil or Bengali. Those experiences too are different from the ones in Bombay.

25. We believe democracy to be the only real guarantor of stability and we have sought to create a ‘Jordanian model’ that might also inspire others in our region. I wish democracy and peace to be my legacy to my people and the shield of generations to come.