Sentences with She, She in a Sentence in English, Sentences For She

Sentences with She, She in a Sentence in English, Sentences For She


1. Is she blushing?

2. She was at home.

3. She felt guilty.

4. She adores cats.

5. She began to run.


6. She said roughly.

7. She likes bananas.

8. She stood angrily.

9. She hates carrots.

10. She hummed a song.

11. She wept bitterly.


12. She speaks Polish.

13. She spoke rapidly.

14. She has a new car.

15. Does she know you?

16. How clever she is!

17. Is she your sister?

18. She likes climbing.

19. She lives in Japan.

20. She glanced around.

21. Does she work here?

22. She picked flowers.

23. She has black hair.

24. She cried out loud.

25. She lay on the bed.

26. She can drive a car.

27. She is my colleague.

28. She watched him eat.

29. She breathed deeply.

30. She thrust me aside.

31. She is not here now.

32. She is at the store.

33. She rubbed her eyes.

34. She is dark-skinned.

35. She named him Steve.

36. She danced with him.

37. She looked miserable.

38. She made him furious.

39. She felt like crying.

40. She speak so quickly.

41. Is she a taxi driver?

42. She has already come.

43. What did she look up?

44. Will she do it again?

45. She wept at the news.

46. She was drinking tea.

47. She is always hungry.

48. She put on her shoes.

49. She failed to appear.

50. She plays basketball.

51. She is reading a book.

52. She denied everything.

53. She is neatly dressed.

54. She seemed to be idle.

55. She can sew very well.

56. She felt like dancing.

57. She was badly injured.

58. She leaned towards me.

59. Does she drink coffee?

60. She isn’t living here.

61. She is a gifted artist

62. She is watching movie.

63. She led a simple life.

64. She can’t cook for you.

65. She won’t write to you.

66. She can play the piano.

67. She majored in history.

68. She lied about her car.

69. She has beautiful eyes.

70. She must be an English.

71. Does she live in Paris?

72. She is guilty of fraud.

73. She knit him a sweater.

74. She was pale with fear.

75. She was dressed in red.

76. She is guilty of theft.

77. She didn’t read a book.

78. She taught him to read.

79. She spoke with a frown.

80. She looks very elegant.

81. She shampooed her hair.

82. She is very intelligent.

83. She must not disturb me.

84. She goes to work by car.

85. What a rude girl she is!

86. She agreed with my idea.

87. She gave a vague answer.

88. She is in horrible pain.

89. She froze in her tracks.

90. She eats a lot of fruit.

91. She was in a silk dress.

92. She posed for a drawing.

93. Will she be watching TV?

94. She gave birth to twins.

95. She is knitting a scarf.

96. She will be watching TV.

97. She swims every morning.

98. She loves to play piano.

99. She may spill the beans.

100. She bent over the child.

101. She must be watching TV.

102. Does she live in London?

103. She hates green peppers.

104. She has never been here.

105. She has two dogs at home

106. She is playing football.

107. But she was a king maker.

108. She bowed to me politely.

109. She burned with jealousy.

110. She carried a silk purse.

111. She was at her wit’s end.

112. She left here right away.

113. She has bought a new car.

114. Can’t she ride a bicycle?

115. She wasn’t a kind person.

116. She isn’t doing the test.

117. She has not been walking.

118. She never plays football.

119. She is not angry anymore.

120. Was she dancing with you?

121. She put cream on her toe.

122. She sold lots of flowers.

123. She does not play tennis.

124. She is brushing her hair.

125. She will fail eventually.

126. She refused his proposal.

127. She is working right now.

128. She catches colds easily.

129. She runs a lot of hotels.

130. She had a very sweet baby.

131. She asks an easy question.

132. She usually gets up early.

133. She used up a bar of soap.