Sentences with Speak, Speak in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Speak

Sentences with Speak, Speak in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Speak

1. They must speak.

2. She speaks Polish.

3. May I speak to you?

4. How slow they speak!

5. Can I speak to Mary?

6. May I speak to Bill?

7. She speak so quickly.

8. Can you speak French?

9. 3.Don’t speak to Sam.

10. He is a fast speaker.

11. Could I speak to Mary?

12. Alex resumed speaking.

13. 40.Don’t speak to Sam.

14. How fast did you speak!

15. I can’t speak for Alex.

16. You’ve got to speak up.

17. You’ve got to speak up.

18. First think, then speak.

19. Leo can’t speak English.

20. Please speak more slowly.

21. John speaks English well.

22. He can speak English fast.

23. They speak English in USA.

24. She can speak Spanish, too.

25. Pam tends to speak rapidly.

26. I can speak five languages.

27. He could not speak clearly.

28. I can speak four languages.

29. They speak English at work.

30. Please speak in a low voice.

31. He can speak five languages.

32. You speak English very well.

33. Can I speak to your manager?

34. Can you speak louder, please?

35. Speak low, if you speak love.

36. Alex felt compelled to speak.

37. Please speak in a loud voice.

38. I can speak English fluently.

39. Are you able to speak Spanish?

40. You had better speak with him.

41. I must speak to you privately.

42. May I speak to Lussie, please?

43. I bet Steve can speak English.

44. I was too astonished to speak.

45. I only speak a little English.

46. Alex wouldn’t speak to Jessica.

47. Jessica speaks relatively fast.

48. She speaks faster than he does.

49. Think today and speak tomorrow.

50. I am learning to speak English.

51. Tom is a native French speaker.

52. He was too shy to speak to her.

53. Actions speak louder than words.

54. Be swift to hear, slow to speak.

55. Be careful how you speak to Alex.

56. Alex speaks French as well as me.

57. Alex speaks French like a native.

58. He tried to speak in a low voice.

59. She has learned to speak Spanish.

60. My father speaks relatively fast.

61. Fools and madmen speak the truth.

62. I demand to speak with my lawyer.

63. My father can barely speak French.

64. He speaks as if he were an expert.

65. Hey, Anderson! Please speak louder.

66. Steve speaks English like a native.

67. I demand to speak with my attorney.

68. I grew up speaking English at home.

69. Everyone always speaks well of Mark.

70. When deeds speak, words are nothing.

71. Please be quiet while I am speaking.

72. I can’t stand Tom’s speaking German.

73. Frank is a fluent speaker of French.

74. My sister speaks relatively quickly.

75. Do you want to speak fluent English?

76. My brother was too shocked to speak.

77. Do you want to speak English faster?

78. I’m not good at speaking Spanish yet.

79. I can speak from personal experience.

80. My father doesn’t speak good English.

81. Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

82. 110.You don’t speak English very well.

83. All are not friends that speak us fair.

84. Jessica is a fluent speaker of Spanish.

85. George certainly is an eloquent speaker.

86. What the heart thinks the tongue speaks.

87. They can neither speak nor write French.

88. She always speaks to him in a loud voice.

89. Fools may sometimes speak to the purpose.

90. They were, so to speak, casualties of war.

91. In addition to French, she speaks Spanish.

92. She speaks French and also speaks English.

93. Do not speak loudly in the operating room.

94. He could speak seven languages in thirties.

95. She speaks three languages besides Spanish.