Sentences with The Word COME, The Word COME in a Sentence in English, Sentences For The Word COME

Sentences with The Word COME, The Word COME in a Sentence in English, Sentences For The Word COME


1. Can I come in?

2. May I come in?

3. Can I come too?

4. Hi, come on in.

5. I come in peace.


6. To come out dry.

7. I will come here.

8. To come off cheap.

9. I might come again.

10. He hasn’t come home.

11. 112.Don’t come here.


12. I’ll come back soon.

13. I used to come here.

14. Tomorrow come never.

15. Don’t come out here.

16. Will you come to us?

17. I will come with you.

18. Mary, Come on, do it.

19. Shall he not come in?

20. You must not come in.

21. Has not Alex come yet?

22. You will come with me.

23. I’ll come to your place.

24. Don’t come here, please.

25. Where does he come from?

26. 13.You must not come in.

27. Will you come to school?

28. They will come after you.

29. Will you come home today?

30. Don’t come in! I’m naked.

31. Your tie has come undone.

32. 52.Please, don’t come in.

33. You have to come with me.

34. Why did you come so early?

35. No one will come after me.

36. A gun might come in handy.

37. your dreams have come true.

38. I’ve come to depend on you.

39. Success doesn’t come easily.

40. Nothing can come of nothing.

41. To come away none the wiser.

42. What time did you come home?

43. Stay there, don’t come here!

44. 100.Don’t come here, please.

45. I hope you can come tomorrow.

46. To come out with clean hands.

47. I’ll come in early next week.

48. I bet you won’t come with me.

49. 114.You will not come with me.

50. To come off with a whole skin.

51. This device may come in handy.

52. May all your dreams come true!

53. I knew it would come in handy.

54. I can’t come home early today.

55. Remind him to come home early.

56. Where does all this come from?

57. Are you planning to come to us?

58. Did they come to school by car?

59. 60.My brother didn’t come home.

60. That’ll come in handy, I think.

61. You may come whenever you like.

62. Did this come with a guarantee?

63. Will you come to class tomorrow?

64. This phrase might come in handy.

65. Don’t let that dog come near me!

66. To come off with flying colours.

67. She had come late to the school.

68. May she come with you to school?

69. Beauty can come in strange forms.

70. You must come early to the class.

71. Will you come to school tomorrow?

72. If you want, they can come along.

73. Will Alex come to class tomorrow?

74. He didn’t come with us yesterday.

75. You can come at your convenience.

76. They will come using the highway.

77. You mustn’t come earlier tomorrow.

78. For example, you can come with me.

79. The performing seals come on next.

80. Please come when it is convenient.

81. We had to run to come up with her.

82. Do you want to come along with us?

83. What conclusions did they come to?

84. Alex often doesn’t come to school.

85. These pills come in a blister pack.

86. I thought this might come in handy.

87. My father will come to us tomorrow.

88. Why don’t you come inside and wait?

89. To go for wool and come home shorn.

90. The jury have come to an agreement.

91. You must come to classroom on time.

92. I’ve come up with a brilliant idea.

93. How did you come to school on foot?

94. 6.You must come early to the class.

95. Our best thoughts come from others.

96. Why don’t you come inside and wait?

97. The train had come off the railroad.

98. He will come to school late tomorrow.

99. Furthermore, my father had come home.

100. By indignities men come to dignities.

101. Did your friend come to school today?

102. Students come to school at 8 o’clock.

103. Jessica’s come up with some problems.

104. 8.You must come to classroom on time.

105. Where do you come up with these words?

106. I will not come to his birthday party.

107. Arrange whatever pieces come your way.

108. Maria is the best reason to come home.

109. Misfortunes never come alone (singly).

110. Will your mother have come by tonight?

111. First of all I will come with you too.

112. 112.You mustn’t come earlier tomorrow.

113. From small beginnings come great things.

114. Whether or not he will come is doubtful.

115. He promised to come as soon as possible.

116. I had to come away from the party early.

117. Why didn’t you come to school yesterday?

118. Curses like chickens come home to roost.

119. Finish your homework and come to us now.

120. 63.My father will not come with us today.

121. Why don’t you come to the English course?

122. You’re welcome to come with me to Madrid.

123. Why don’t you come to the English course?

124. Satellites come in many shapes and sizes.

125. Will you come to the celebration tomorrow?

126. I don’t know if she wants to come with us.

127. I can take down the messages that come in.

128. Frank didn’t come to the picnic yesterday.

129. If you come to a fork in the road, take it.

130. Alex bad not come on the preceding evening.

131. She would have to come just at that moment.

132. My grandfather will come to us in February.

133. I’d be delighted if you could come with us.

134. Hang up the phone and come right next to me.

135. I opened the door so that she could come in.

136. If you’d come with me, we could have had fun.

137. You can either come with me now or walk home.

138. Agnes come on horseback, but go away on foot.

139. The prosecutor has not yet come to the court.

140. Power and beauty come from a very deep place.

141. 64.My father won’t come to the park tomorrow.

142. If you come earlier tomorrow, I will help you.

143. My father will come here if you’re not coming.

144. How did you idea for the new movie come about.

145. I’ll just cross that bridge when I come to it.

146. If you come home, we’ll cook and eat with you.