Sentences with You, You in a Sentence in English, Sentences For You

Sentences with You, You in a Sentence in English, Sentences For You


1. Here you are!

2. Are you sure?

3. Are you done?

4. Did you cook?

5. You may laugh.


6. See you later.

7. Are you a cop?

8. I hope you win.

9. You annoyed me.

10. Do you hear me?

11. You were going.


12. You disgust me.

13. Did you get it?

14. Are you a girl?

15. Are you single?

16. You inspire me.

17. You were right.

18. Are you a twin?

19. Are you serious?

20. You were taller.

21. You are my dear.

22. You complete me.

23. Do you want ink?

24. Did you like it?

25. You must comply.

26. How do you feel?

27. Did you call me?

28. You are my hero.

29. I wish you luck!

30. You must return.

31. You ate my cake.

32. Can you help us?

33. Who do you mean?

34. Will you help me?

35. Are you generous?

36. See you at lunch.

37. Why are you late?

38. Can you stand up?

39. You do not yield.

40. Are you freezing?

41. What do you need?

42. You look content.

43. You should study.

44. You seem distant.

45. What do you want?

46. You look so pale.

47. What did you say?

48. You may swim now.

49. You need therapy.

50. Love you so much.

51. You are my crush.

52. You look bad too.

53. Are you athletic?

54. You got off easy.

55. You are precious.

56. Can you find out?

57. Do you still care?

58. Hey! Can you help?

59. You got one right.

60. Aren’t you a chef?

61. Can you translate?

62. You may park here.

63. What do you think?

64. You have visitors.

65. Who told you this?

66. You seem stressed.

67. Are you objective?

68. You make me happy.

69. Do you bind books?

70. You aren’t needed.

71. Are you saying no?

72. You may follow me.

73. You are hilarious.

74. Do you understand?

75. Ooo, are you here!

76. Have you showered?

77. Are you bored yet?

78. Would you give up?

79. What did you sing?

80. Are you ambitious?

81. You almost hit me.

82. Can you elaborate?

83. You look homeless.

84. Where do you live?

85. Would you help me?

86. Do you want proof?

87. Shame on you guys.

88. Why don’t you sue?

89. Are you contented?

90. Talk to you later.

91. You were the boss.

92. How clever you are!

93. Would you like tea?

94. You look contented.

95. Will you help them?

96. Do you want garlic?

97. I give you my word.

98. You can’t catch me.

99. Are you still busy?

100. What are you up to?

101. You are so curious.

102. You were here then.

103. You know the drill.

104. Can you blame them?

105. You won’t be fired.

106. When were you born?

107. I support you 100%.

108. Do you drink water?

109. Where are you from?

110. You must let me in.

111. What are you doing?

112. Do you eat carrots?

113. Will you have come?

114. You could be right.

115. You might get hurt.

116. You are free to go.

117. You taught me well.

118. I love you my dear.

119. Are you badly hurt?

120. Did you poison Jim?

121. What did you order?

122. Where are you hurt?

123. You look very pale.

124. You have to choose.

125. I thought you quit.

126. You can’t use that.

127. Do you like pepper?

128. You must stop here.

129. Can you make me tea?

130. Did you take a bath?

131. You might get lucky.

132. We support you 100%.

133. You are my treasure.

134. I see you are awake.

135. Are you ready to go?

136. Can you verify that?

137. I bet you know this.

138. Did you read it all?

139. You must stay awake.

140. You must keep quiet.

141. Will you come to us?

142. You are such a liar!

143. Don’t you miss that?

144. Are you going along?

145. You crossed my mind.

146. You need protection.

147. Could you sign here?

148. Would you elaborate?

149. Why did you pick me?

150. Where are you going?

151. Do you eat biscuits?

152. You seemed stressed.

153. You see, I’m eating.

154. You look like a cop.

155. What’re you writing?

156. Why do you say that?

157. You heard correctly.

158. Do you have the pen?

159. You can’t sit there.

160. You did a great job!

161. Do you want to rest?

162. Do you slice apples?

163. Do you like bowling?

164. Are you hustling me?

165. What’re you hunting?

166. I’ll meet you there.

167. Alex ripped you off.

168. I got you something.

169. Do you keep a diary?

170. How would you paint?

171. How do you feel now?

172. Do you like carrots?

173. Why don’t you drive?

174. Why are you running?

175. You may rely on him.

176. Why did you dump me?

177. Did you have dreams?

178. Could you elaborate?

179. What do you believe?

180. You look pale today.

181. Are you not talking?

182. Do you have a fever?

183. Thank you very much.

184. When will you reach?

185. I’ll tell you later.

186. You run to the party.

187. I’d say you did well.

188. You must be new here.

189. I’ll give you a ride.

190. You can’t marry Alex.

191. Do you think I’m fat?

192. Did you take his pen?

193. Do you have any cash?

194. Look before you leap.

195. Do you look your age?

196. Can you stop yelling?

197. Could you just hurry?

198. Where would you play?

199. Talk to you tomorrow.

200. You should eat salad.

201. Will you wait for me?

202. I can’t kiss you now.

203. Can you grant wishes?

204. You will be thinking.

205. Why do you permit it?

206. How much did you bid?

207. I will see you later.

208. What’re you planning?

209. You didn’t miss much.

210. Don’t you ever sweat?