What is Descriptive Paragraph? Descriptive Paragraph Examples and Definition

What is Descriptive Paragraph? Descriptive Paragraph Examples and Definition


Harmony of Details: Descriptive Paragraph

Who doesn’t want the paragraphs you write to impress the reader. The most authoritative method that can be used to realize this situation is to use a descriptive paragraph. A descriptive paragraph describes a person, an object, an event, or a place in detail. This type of paragraph, which should contain many details, does not bother the reader. This feature is the best feature of the descriptive paragraph type. One of the advantages of this feature is that the details given affect the reader.

How Do You Write a Descriptive Paragraph?

When starting to write a descriptive paragraph, a general sentence should be used. This sentence conveys the subject of the paragraph to the reader. If this stage is completed, now it is the second stage! The descriptive description should be made starting from the outside of the subject that will be explained in detail in the second stage. In short, the details should be listed from general to specific. And at the last stage, it is necessary to summarize the subject of the paragraph in one sentence and convey ideas.

To write a beautiful descriptive paragraph, different and interesting adjectives should be used. Thus, the taste, smell, sound, and vision abilities of the reader begin to work. Thus, the written paragraph will delight the reader. At the same time, the reader will be able to fully feel and visualize the subject to be told.

Example of a Descriptive Paragraph About Person

It is very important to have close friends because they will always be there and they will not let you go. My close friend’s name is Deniz and he is a very important person to me. He is tall and has broad shoulders. He stands like a hero protecting the person next to him. He has a fit body, just like a statue. The features on his face look too pronounced and he has a small nose. His dark green eyes look harsh, like a dark forest. His lashes are like lined arrows. He has neatly lined pearly teeth. When he smiles, he looks like a little boy. Seeing him happy all the time is the biggest thing I want.

Example of a Descriptive Paragraph About Object

Yesterday I saw a plant in the corner of the park where I was constantly walking. The plant was much taller than my height, enough to touch the sky. Its body stood like a straight pole, it was thin. It had light green leaves. It was the most beautiful green I have ever seen, it was shining. Around, it was trees whose leaves looked like the leaves of the tree I had seen, but they were smaller. The tree I noticed stood in the middle, like the leader of all of them, and was self-evident. It was the most delicate and powerful plant I have ever seen in my life.


Example of a Descriptive Paragraph About Place

I saw the most beautiful bay I have ever seen in my life. As I was descending from the mountain towards the sea, I suddenly looked in front of me and saw the yellow sand like gold. The sun was right overhead and it was very hot. The sands would almost catch fire. Then the deep blue sea was merging with the sky. The sea was so clear that I could see colorful fish swimming between my feet. This was the place that fascinated me the most.

Example of a Descriptive Paragraph About Event

So much time has passed but I still haven’t forgotten it. When I was a kid, we had a house in the village. It was a two-story house with a tile roof. One day we went there again with my family. I went into my room with a big brown bag in my hand. It smelled of dampness, I wanted to open my window immediately. Just then I heard a voice as if there was a crying baby in my room. I was very scared but I couldn’t even move. I started crying where I was. My parents were in the garden so they didn’t hear my voice. I couldn’t go anywhere because of my fear, I sat on the floor I was crying. The sound I was hearing was starting to get louder. I was starting to scream. My father ran up the stairs and came up to me. I told him I was hearing voices from where the locker was. The voices were no longer heard. We walked towards the closet together. My dad opened the door of the closet and let’s see what! The mother cat gave birth to her children inside. All those voices came from the pain. We built a nice home for the mother cat and her three little kittens. Because I was so small, I was terrified of the sound. Yet there was nothing to be afraid of.